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  • C.A.

    We have all of our employees set as light agents by default and placed into an All Employees group. If they get upgraded to a full agent, we add them to other groups but keep them in the All Employees group as well. 

    Ideally I'd like to hide the All Employees group from everyone since it shouldn't be used for tickets but I can't get it to work.

    When setting up this app, I placed the group id for All Employees in the Hidden groups field AND the Targeted groups field but doesn't seem to work. I can still search for a user in the assignee field and see "All Employees / <agent name>." What am I doing wrong? 

  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    Hi Candace Alexandres. From my understanding, this app only hides the selections from the dropdown menu, not the search. I am not aware of a way to apply it to the search function.

  • James Beniston

    Could this be used to hide selected support groups from being selectable in:

    • Guide
    • Chat
    • Web Widget

    We are looking at creating groups to control views etc. that are not directly related to routing or  serving tickets and this looks like it could be a great help...

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi James,
    It's only designed to hide/limit the available assignees for tickets. Therefore, it cannot be used for selecting groups/department in the channels you have mentioned.
  • Stacy Win

    We have a complex setup of Groups and Agents. As the account is supporting 3 different brands. For just one brand, there are about 9 regions for individual support. This complexity has the Zendesk team restricting agents to only view tickets in their group.

    However, one region for one brand could have 3 or more groups of agents supporting their tickets. For example, there is a group of support agents, a group of product support agents, and a group of client support agents. Agents in the region, need to be able to see tickets in any of the groups but only work tickets in their specific group. To support this agents are assigned to all three groups so they can see tickets outside of the group they are responsible for.

    Would like to do the following with the app:

    Hide specific groups - No issues here

    • Hide "inactive" groups from all users
    • Making changes to the group structure but we cannot delete the groups because then agents lose access to closed tickets) 

    Hide Agents from specific groups - Not sure how to do this

    • Want agents associated with all the groups so they can see tickets but only want specific agents to be displayed in specific groups they are responsible for solving tickets
    • Support agent names to be displayed in the Support group but hidden in the product support and client support groups
    • Product Support agent names to be displayed in the Product Support group but hidden in the support and client support groups
    • Client Support agent names to be displayed in the Client Support group but hidden in the support and product support groups
  • Prateek Chhetri
    Hey Stacy,
    Unfortunately, the app currently cannot hide agents from specific groups. With the current capabilities of the app, you can either hide certain agents or groups - from all the available options in the assignee dropdown.
  • Ash

    Does not seem to work in side conversations? You can still see all the groups.

  • Anais

    I understand that we need to add a targeted agent/group/organization for the app to work. 

    I want to apply the hidden groups to anyone. The easiest way I believe is to use our organization ID as target, but where can I find it? 

  • Stacy Win


    Go to the organization record and you can see the org id in the URL.




    Thanks 😊


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