Using dynamic content to translate your ticket fields

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  • Francois S

    Is it possible to add the dynamic content for sending mails to customers in the correct language ? 

    For example web widget used, FR-BE > So the mail sent to the customer to say the ticket is created will be in French (Belgium)


    And is it outdated ? Because I can't add variants


  • Sebastian Skarp

    Hi @... 

    I am experiencing the exact same issue as Raul did, but in my case our help center language are already matching with zendesk support languages. I just can´t seem to get it to work. I´ve done and re-done all the steps according to all your instructions as well as video found in Zendesk training portal. Dynamic content with variants are created, placeholder generated and then used where we want it to work. But zip, nada. It is still only showing English as is our default language.

    Any ideas?


  • Ashley Yau

    This article has been shown under messaging's flow builder however I don't think messaging can support dynamic content?

  • Juraj Jarmek

    Hello @...,

    Please note that dynamic content is integrated both in Flow Builder and in messaging.

  • Anne-Flore Caire

    Our Zendesk Support uses French by default, and we've created dynamic content in English.
    When I change the language of my Agent account to English, then I export our tickets in CSV format, the titles and values ​​of the system fields are translated into English in the file but not the dynamic content of the custom fields which is rendered in the default language. Same important problem in Explore, especially for our international subsidiaries that we want deployed: the translation is not done for these fields in dynamic content where it is the default language of Zendesk that is displayed rather than the default language of the agent (even if the default value of the dynamic field is the English variant).
    Is there a solution to have dynamic content rendering of custom fields depending on the agent's language in exports and on Zendesk Explore?

  • Bobby Koch

    images are not showing, can you please update?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Bobby,
    Thanks for sharing this with us! Can you confirm that the images are showing up on your end? 

    Our documentation team was able to get this article updated so I wanted to check in with you :) 

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