Providing multiple language chat support with the Dynamic Content app

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  • Gil

    This does not work at all for us. For example, the widget is on a dutch webpage, the user sends a full dutch message, yet dynamic content still shows 'English'. 

    Even for users who previously chatted, that have a profile in support, where the language is already set to Dutch. Even for those users, the dynamic content settles on English.

    Can we set the language with triggers? I can recognize the language based on the visitor URL. We add a NL tag to the person, yet we can not use this tag at all for those dynamic content sentences. 

    So many options, yet none can be used to set the correct language. 

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Gil! I'll go ahead & create a ticket so we can look into the dynamic content that's not working for your chat shortcuts. But yes, definitely you can use chat triggers to assign a tag to your visitors depending on the website URL.


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