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A ticket form is a set of predefined ticket fields for a specific support request. You can create multiple ticket forms. For more information about creating ticket forms, see Creating ticket forms to support multiple request types .

When you have multiple ticket forms available to end-users, you can customize the instructions that end-users see asking users to select the appropriate support request form. A drop-down list of the available forms appears below the text.

You can also change the order of the forms in the drop-down list. For more information, see Changing the order of your ticket forms .

You can link directly to a ticket form in your Help Center if you want to present a group of end-users with a specific request form instead of asking them to select the appropriate form.

Note: Ticket forms are available to end-users on your mobile site if you are using Help Center. Ticket forms are not available to end-users on your mobile site if you are using Web portal.
To change the instructions that end-users see for multiple ticket forms
  1. Click the Admin icon ( ) in the sidebar, then select Ticket forms .
  2. Enter text in the End-user instructions box on the right.

    You can use dynamic content in your end-user instructions. For more information see Creating dynamic content .

  3. Click Save .
To link directly to a ticket form in your Help Center
  1. Get the URL for the ticket form you want to link to by doing one of the following:
    • Go to your support request form on your site, select a form from the drop-down list, then copy the URL.
    • Go to the Ticket Forms admin page, hover over the name of a ticket form and note the ticket form ID in the bottom left. Replace the ticket form ID in the example URL with your ticket form ID:

      https:// mycompany

  2. Present the link to customers so that they can open a specific request form in your Help Center.
Note: The ability to link directly to a ticket form is not available if you are using Web Portal. This option is only available if you are using Help Center.
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    Hi, I've been chatting with your very helpful tech support about this issue and they suggested I post to this thread.

    Similar to Shannon Brown (earlier in thread), we are  implementing Zendesk as an internal tool, rather than an externally facing tool. As such, it will be used by all of our employees to request support from IT, Facilities, Employee Education and other departments. In this scenario, Zendesk agents (who are part of IT) are also Help Center customers and may need to request support from one of these other groups (or from another area of IT).

    Currently, these agent/users are unable to open requests through the Help Center, as all "new_request" links take them directly to the ticketing dashboard (not the best end-user experience).

    To support customers in similar environments, I would like to suggest adding functionality to allow those configuring Zendesk to determine if and who should be redirected when clicking on a "new_request" link. This would enable your product to more smoothly transition from being an eternally facing support tool, to being a multi-functional tool for internal and external support.

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    Hey Heidi!

    Thanks so much for the detailed feedback! I'm sorry to have to re-direct you on this one, but we do have an active thread about this in our Product Feedback forum. Our Product Managers hang out there so they'll definitely see your use case; in point of fact, one of our PMs has been active in the thread already. Another member of the Community also posted a workaround there that you might be interested in looking into. You can find the thread here: Add Submit A Request for Agents.

    Thanks again for your suggestion!

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