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    Jennifer Haight

    A chat question and feedback:

    1) We use the Time Tracking app on our tickets; however, the time we spend in chats is not integrated into our Time Tracking data. This makes it tough for managers to view how much time we spend in chats vs other channels. Is there a way to get Time Tracking data from chats also?

    2) It's tough for our agents to tell when they're online/offline in chat. We also find that we're occasionally (seemingly randomly) dropped from being online on chat. Are there any plans to improve the online status visibility to be more apparent at a glance (like Voice status)?

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    Megan Howell


    1) Unfortunately, right now there are no apps/integrations inside of Zopim, so we don't have something comparable to Time Tracking for chat. On Zopim Advanced/Premium, there is Zopim Analytics, and that information can give you chat duration. More here. We are also currently rolling out a completely new ticket creation flow in which we create ticket at the start of a chat. This will allow agents to take notes in the ticket or even assign ticket to concerned department / staff. This also allows you to track the chat duration as ticket is created at the start and then gets the chat transcript when chat ends!

    2) I don't believe that feature is planned, but you can certainly make a request in our Product Feedback forum regarding it!

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