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    Jordan Palmer (Edited )

    Can searches be saved/shared, or is that something only done via views?

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    Mauricio Oliveira

    Hi there,

    Is is possible to configure columns displayed in the results? I'd like to include Organization in it, it would be great for us, but I couldn't find where to configure it.

    Very nice feature though!

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    Aimee Spanier

    Jim - I'm working on an updated version of this article, and I'll keep your comments in mind. I'll try to clarify the who, what, and where of advanced searching so there's no (or less) room for confusion. Thanks!

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    Liang Dai

    Hi All,

    We are interested in learning how you, Zendesk customers, use the Zendesk search in your work to help us continue enhancing and improving this feature.

    If you and your team are interested in sharing how search supports your work and are available for talking to us, please sign up using the form here. http://goo.gl/forms/IDuqGK20uu397YAb2

    We will follow up from there if we find a match to our study. Due to limited resource available, we may not be able to cover all customers. 


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    Dan B.

    Hey Jim,

    Your question makes sense now!

    The Help Center KB and Community search is a full-text search; there isn't a way to use search operators for searches here yet. Keywords or strings (encapsulated in quotes) can be used to search for content.

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    James Lee (Edited )

    Aimee, I'm trying your instructions.  I clicked on the search icon at the top-right of this page.  But no "Advanced Search" link appears when I press <Enter>.

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    Dan B.

    Hi Jim!

    The "Advanced Search" option will appear within the agent interface not in Help Center.

    Here it is in my account:

    Does that work for you? :)

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    Alan Carrie

    Having Organization (and maybe other customisable columns) in search results would be hugely beneficial for us too!  

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    Nicole Relyea

    @Ali light agents should be able to use Advanced Search without any problems - it's not something that is restricted by role.

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    Sandro Alvares

    Why not available a filter sort organization name? i see only status, date(updated_at and created_at) and priority.

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    Ali Ayaz - Versata


    Do light agents have access to Advanced Search?

    Can someone please confirm this urgently?

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    Austin Villanueva


    I just wanna ask if there is a way that I can pass a keyword string in the url for the new zendesk url? because in the previous version it is possible to pass a keyword because we are using it in our integration but now I can't find any way to do it. Also, in Zendesk Application Framework, routeTo function doesn't support 'search' as tabId. It only supports ticket, user, and organization. so we can't use a search in our app. I hope there is an alternative to make search work programmatically. I know this too technical here but I can't find any solutions. I hope you can help me about this. Thank you.




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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Jordan!

    This is something that you would do with a View.

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    James Lee

    Dan, I'm not an agent.  Where can I learn about search operators that end-users can use to search Knowledge Base and Community topics?  Thanks.

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