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    Why is the number of views limited? Iv seen screenshots of views in grouped lists, is this not possible?

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    Nicole Relyea

    Hi James - 

    I'm not sure why the choice to limit views was made; at the moment it's simply how the tool works. I'll see if I can find some history on that for you... 

    Where have these screenshots you've seen come from? 


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    Like James, we use views to show tickets at a client level as part of our project management and the limitation of 8 personal views is quite a hindrance and requires the reorder of views to be a frequent and unnecessary task.  Look forward to understanding why the limitation.

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    Nicole Relyea

    Hi Corinne - 

    I encourage you to head over to this community discussion on how you use Views and explain for the Product Managers why you would like to be able to see more, citing specific examples and providing the impact to your business. (Does this waste five minutes a day? an hour? How frequently do you need to reorder and change views?) 

    They're currently looking into ways to improve views, and your use case might be helpful for them to hear about. 

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