Using macros to start side conversations

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  • Thomas Verschoren
    Community Moderator

    Can we get rich text formatting or markdown support for these macro's similar to how it is currently supported when creating side conversations via the Agent Workspace?

  • Dana


    I would like to add text fields in side conversations. We have a macro for a side conversation, which details the required information to be sent to programming when there is an issue. However, we have to place the cursor at the end of the requirement to add information to the ticket. It would save "click's" if we could just tab through the required fields.  One thought I had was to add a table, however, I would like to use something that is native in Zendesk. Thoughts?


  • Emilie


    Can we add attachments to the side conversation Macro please?


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Emilie, welcome to the community! We value your feedback, so for visibility to our product team would you mind creating a post in our Feedback - Ticketing System (Support) topic? There's a useful template there that will help ensure our product team has the information they need, and some guidelines as well if those are useful. Thanks!
  • Matthew Gilboy

    Are you able to create more than one side conversation with the same macro? We run two sub processes and I'd like my agent to only use one macro (so they don't forget to run a second).

    I created a macro that allowed me to do so, but when I run it I only get one of the send windows.

    Currently I am testing out a trigger where the macro adds a tag, and that tag triggers another side conversation (I'm also testing out the 'side conversation is created' condition), but this wouldn't allow the agent to customize that second side conversation email. 

  • Hervin Centeno
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Matthew,

    That is a good question! Looking into this, I'm getting a bit of a yes/no answer. When going to create a macro with an action to start a side conversation, once you select an option (ex. Side conversation via email) - you are unable to select that option again when adding an additional action. That being said, there is no restriction on adding a different kind of side conversation. In theory, you could set up a macro that allows you to create a side conversation via email and then one via child ticket at once. You will only see one of the side conversations pop up at once; however if you click on the "+" sign by "Side conversations" on the ticket and select the option that didn't automatically pop up, you will see the other side conversation created by the macro.
    I hope this gives you an option that can work for your team!

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