Can I increase the number of displayed views?

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  • Jan Urban

    Hello all,

    I face the same problem. We are a company with 8 languages in customer support and this naturally leads to a lot of views needed.
    Even with add-on products like "Lovely Views plus"   the problem isn't 100% solved.
    This add on can´t make the "play button" work, as Zendesk has not made it available to be accessed by third-party apps.
    It's really a joke that there are not more than 12 views available. I really hope they add something in the future, but my hopes diminished after reading about how long this has been going on. Sad.




  • Matthew Feczko

    Hi Jan, I completely agree with you. I recommend using QuickiePlus instead of Lovely Views (made by the same developer) as they will give you the normal View and let you Play. It won't let you sort in multiple ways BUT it will give you all the views you're looking for. Plus QuickiePlus is only $.50 a user instead of $1.95

  • Tom
    I have described the View categorization (subviews, dropdown view) in detail and explained the benefits of it.
    Please visit my article (below) and vote for it if you think that it would be beneficial for you too!
  • Nathan Purcell

    Bumping for attention - to echo Julien M this is so simple to implement it's laughable that this issue has gone on for so long. 

    Please consider allowing an unlimited list and or the ability to configure how many views are shown! 

  • Stephen Fleming

    I have to throw my hat in here - it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep a clear eye on the various tickets that are with different groups / different brands.

    In my company, I can see this issue about to grow, as at the beginning of the year we moved to the Zendesk Enterprise plan and are planning on launch a series of new customer facing Forms... I would like to have a View for each of these forms.

    Having to go to the Views page just isn't working - this thread spells out the need very accurately:

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi everyone - 

    Just a reminder that comments on articles aren’t the right place to post about product feedback. We have forums for this specific purpose which are monitored by our product teams, so that’s where you need to post with this kind of commentary, and that is where product managers will share updates when they have them. 

    The current conversation on this particular request can be found here: Views Limitation

    I’ll also remind everyone to review the Community Code of Conduct. While you are welcome to share feedback or frustrations, disparaging remarks, insulting our product managers or staff crosses the line where your post will be removed. There are real people on the other side of these screens, and we want to maintain these discussion spaces as safe for everyone.

  • Christopher Reichle


    It does not seem to make a difference where these comments are made. For example...

    This post in feedback on support was opened in 2012. It took 6 years for someone from ZD to comment which happened to be you and it was only to respond to someone asking how to raise visibility for the issue because there was no response from ZD. After you posted, users responded and a year later (two years ago) you responded stating that the support product team was still gathering use cases and votes and looking into improvements. Users have continued to respond. No response from ZD regarding the issue. So what is the point?

    You are redirecting us to the "Views Limitation" in forums. I looked at it. You made a commend a year ago that you did not have any new information to share at the moment. Users have been posting there too. No response from ZD. 

    It think the problem here is that ZD is going to wait until that topic hits some magical number of up votes or comments before bothering to address it and that is just not going to happen if is clear that no one is listening. Why bother adding an up vote or a comment to a topic that was not addressed for 5 years or even a year? I mean, what is the timeline at ZD for handling user requests? Is it years? How many years? What is the expectation we should have for a feature request to be addressed? 

    In 2018, a user asked a related question to the 2012 topic and the ZD response (Answered) in Support Q&A, (in the link below), was to direct them to the above post from 2012 and to comment/up vote it. They never did. I can only assume the reason is similar to my experience. You have a problem, discover a topic describing your exact issue but see that it has been open for 6 years so why bother. You are obviously not going to get an answer or solution any time soon. It is just a huge failure in customer service by design which is ironic considering what ZD does.

    I really don't understand the reason why ZD leaves these topics open for 10 years. When a new topic is opened you should respond quickly (same day) flushing out details of the request, asking for more information, more users to respond, and that you want to assess the interest in the request. Then give it a 90 day period for evaluation. If after that 90 day period there is either not enough interest, the issue is not technically feasible or it is not going to be done for some other reason, state it and archive the topic so people have their answer. Why? Because after 90 days it is dead anyway. After 90 days people who have the issue will either move on to another product, find a workaround or give up on that feature. If you asses the feature and commit to implementing it they may wait a year or two for that to happen.  

    If you did that I think your forum activity would increase and you would have better feedback from your customers and a better end product. If customers don't think your listening they are not going to bother to post and you loose a valuable resource that your company needs to grow and meet the needs of your customers.


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Christopher - 

    We totally hear you. And you're right, we've not managed the product feedback conversations well for many years. It's a frustrating experience on both sides. We do lose a lot of valuable feedback from customers, and we have a lot of work to do to build up trust and transparency with this community. 

    There are big changes coming to our community experience later this year, and the top item on the priority list is overhauling how we intake and communicate about feature requests and product feedback. We're currently working with our product operations team to redefine our policies and processes. 

    In the coming months we'll be communicating these improvements out to you, to help everyone understand what the process actually is, when you can expect to hear back about feedback you've provided, and how user feedback influences the roadmap. It has not been clear in the past, and we are striving to rectify that. 

    As we work to improve the community, we want to make sure that we're building for our users' needs. In the coming weeks, there will be a number of opportunities for community users to participate in feedback sessions and focus groups, and to provide feedback on our plans and help us to tweak those. If you are interested in participating in any of those, please subscribe to the Community Info and Announcements topic, where we will announce these opportunities. 

  • Gregory Muir

    My company went through a failed Zendesk implementation last year. I keep the subscription to this topic out of sheer morbid curiosity. I've seen a lot of bad customer service in the IT world over the years but this one really takes the cake. Feature request out there for ten years and the company is getting to it any year now! We've fought world wars in less time. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Gregory, 

    Thanks for sharing your frustration with us. Honestly, for a long time there was no strategic management of the community and there were few processes in place. That doesn't excuse the lack of response, but I hope it explains part of why there are a number of requests like this that languished for years without any serious review or consideration. 

    As mentioned above, we are making a concerted effort to change this, and implement policies and processes that we will share in the community to be more transparent, proactive, and to prevent feature requests and feedback dragging on indefinitely with no action. 

  • Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    HI all -

    Product manager for Views here. As Nicole said, we primarily follow and provide updates on product feedback threads, rather than articles. I’ve shared some updates in these threads, if you’d like to take a look:

    Views Limitation

    Add categories (subviews, dropdown view) function to Views

    Community Discussion: How do you use Views?

    The TL;DR is that we are very clear on the fact that the current limitations on Views needs to change, and we are working on backend infrastructure that will allow us to ultimately increase the number of Views and allow you to categorize them. This won’t be quick work and will take some time yet, but it will get done. Check out my comments in the threads above for more context and detail. 

  • Dawn Anderson


    Has something changed as the 'more' is no longer visible on the views page?

  • Matthew Feczko

    I'm seeing the same hting as @.... @... the 'more' link is gone!

  • Tessa

    The 'more' link is gone, but click on 'Manage Views' still takes you to the page to view page that lists all of the views.

  • Matthew Feczko

    @... it's missing from mine. No 'Manage Views' at the bottom. One of my colleagues DOES have that link though oddly.

  • Matthew Feczko

    So for those of you who have 20 shared views and 10 personal views, you need to zoom out to 80% to see the 'Manage Views' link. 

  • Sydney Neubauer

    @... is there a way to have more than 12 shared views and 8 personal views? You mentioned 20 and 10

  • Matthew Feczko

    Hi @... I misspoke. It's 12 and 8, so 20 in total. Although we use QuickiePlus and Lovely Views.

  • Mike dela Rosa

    Hi there!

    It is not possible to natively increase the number of views shown. The Views page is limited to display only the first 12 shared views and the first 8 personal views. If you want certain views you use frequently to appear higher on the list, you can reorder your views.

    More information in this article:

    Mike dela Rosa | Customer Advocate |

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  • Aner Gusic

    This is an extremely annoying, arbitrary limitation. :(


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