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  • Phil Andrews

    "If you want to keep this functionality and are not using a greeting message, you can guide end users to navigate to the start by typing in a key phrase."

    I am using a greeting message - how do I get the greeting message to trigger again? 

  • Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Phil.

    With this new experience, if you are using the ootb greetings, we encourage end-users to just ask their question and the bot can find the answer. They no longer need to keep navigating through the entire flow to search for the answer. 

  • JP Ortiz

    very good, it is becoming more and more robust, when we can use step (options) as input parameter for triggers, it will be perfect

  • Andrey Vasilyev

    This is really great, very welcome changes! I'm sure there are a bunch of things in the works and that it takes plenty of time to roll out such updates on such a massive scale but it would be nice to see some additions be made to the "Choose Step" menu when creating answers and/or step options/fields to make them a bit more robust. 

    Edit - I guess on this note it would definitely be pretty cool if we were to be able to somehow display media to an end-user via the bot (that's not doable currently is it or am I missing something?)... but I suppose articles already kind of do this in a way. I guess the imagination can really run wild when considering all of the different things that could be done when staring at that answer-builder canvas and the steps menu for a couple hours 😄

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Andrey, glad you like the changes, and welcome to the community!
    We love to hear ideas from our customers, and while you're right it takes time to roll out changes, and there's a lot that goes into the decisions about where to spend our development resources, it'd be great to hear more specifics about what you'd like to see. For the best visibility to our product team, can you post to our.Feedback - Chat and Messaging (Chat) community topic, using this template for format your input? Thanks!

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