Using Dynamic Content with Macros on a multilingual helpdesk


  • Katharina Beckmann

    Thank you for the tip!

    I have had the same thought of using dynamic content for the template-macros. I find there is one huge disadvantage with this method though: There is limited possibilities of reporting on the template macros. If I would like to know exactly how many times a certain template has been used in a certain language there would not be any way to find out as far as I know. You can only have a macro add a tag which would be the same for all languages then. But there is no way of having the macro add different tags depending on the language in which the dynamic content was used.

    So I would prefer to have a macro for each and every topic in each and every language instead.

    Or is there a  way of reporting on dynamic content that I might not have discovered yet? Does anybody have an idea of how to tackle that issue (other than my own of having a different macros for every topic / language).

  • Omar Garcia

    Hey, Katharina!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm happy to say that it's definitely possible to report on how many times a certain template has been used in a particular language.

    You'll want to go through the process of adding a tag to your macros that denote the macro being used. Now, because the Dynamic Content is based on the Requester's language, you can then build a native report with two conditions - one that's looking for the tag associated with the macro you'd like to report on, the other requiring that the ticket Requester be set to that of the language in question.

    Keep in mind that the ticket Requester's language is already being set, either manually or through automatic detection, if your Dynamic Content has been working properly up to this point.

    Hope this helps!

  • Katharina Beckmann

    Hi Omar,
    thank you so much for answering. You're of course completely right. How simple and obvious. How could I not see that? You have definitely helped a lot!
    I have tags added to all template macros so I can track their usage. I just did not see that I can combine this with the requester language in a report.
    Now the only thing that I have not yet decided for myself is whether it is actually easier to create a macro with a specific tag for each template in each language or whether to do this with dynamic content. I feel the latter is actually more time consuming (first creating dynamic content for every template and add variants in every language and then creating a macro that adds the dynamic content in the comment and the tag for each template).
    But now I definitely know that I have both options to choose from :)


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