Creating an out-of-office message in a web or Mobile SDK

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  • Francis Morissette

    Does not seem to work for me on my end. The message never gets sent. I used "account status is not equal to online".

  • Yu-Hsuan Chao
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Francis,

    Could you explain in detail what the configurations are for the problematic trigger? Some screenshots of your trigger settings will help greatly too. 

    Please Contact Zendesk Customer Support with the above information and our team will have a check for you, thanks!  

  • Tracey Brooks

    We don't even have these as options in trigger: 

    • Check conditions: Check all of the following conditions

      • Account status | equals | Offline
    • Perform the following actions
      • Send message to visitor | Responder | [message text, such as "Sorry, I’m offline"]


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