Adding custom fields to your tickets and support request forms

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  • Conrad


    I have set up a custom ticket field but it doesn't then show up on my tickets, new or old. Can anyone help me? Is there something simple I've missed?



  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Ivan,

    If I'm understanding you correctly you should be able to nest your drop-down options by using "::" in the title. For example: Category::Network::Network Card

    Let me know if the above is not the solution you're looking for :) 

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Conrad!

    If you're on Enterprise, your custom ticket fields won't show up until you've added them to whichever ticket forms it should be a part of it. Just go to Gear icon > Manage > Ticket Forms. Click on each form, and drag the custom field over to it.

    If you're on the Plus plan or lower, you probably just need to refresh your browser. Sometimes browser caching prevents these types of changes from showing up immediately.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • David DeGrandpre

    Regarding the persistence of data, there are times we want to deactivate certain options, but retain that data in a format other than tagging. In the past, when making a significant change, we created new fields and deactivated the previous ones (which our reporting analyst loved); however for one or two options changes, this is not a reasonable approach. Are there any plans to have the ability to deactivate options in a field rather than either delete them and rely on tags, or create an entirely new field? 

  • 13651027213

    How to set multiple language custom fields to display to the client??

  • Heather R

    @Ivan - Brett gave a great answer, and we use this too -- I would just note that when you use Zendesk's nesting as he's laid out above, your reporting will only be able to pull on the lowest level selection, because it only generates one tag.

    Something I've been looking into is setting up Conditional fields and using one field per level. This way we can report on each level. The drawback with this approach is that you need one field for each sub category and then one field for each set of sub-sub category selections for that sub category.  

    I guess there's pros and cons to everything!

  • Ohad Almog

    Is there any way to add an agent lookup field? i.e.- a new custom field that will allow me to choose an agent (just like the Assignee field)? 

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Kraven!

    Quick point of clarification: is this a default system field, or a custom field that you created? Can you also point to what business rules you're using that placeholder in? I'd like to take a closer look.


  • Amy Waugh

    I have created a new custom date field, but the format is too long and in the wrong order.


    At the moment it is like December 8, 2016, is there a way to get it to be 8 December 2016?


    I can't do it in API because we get the information from Formstack submissions.

  • Ramon Boonstra

    Hi there,

    Is there a way to make a custom field not changeable for agents(maybe greyed out)?
    So they only can see what the customer choose?

    Because I only want customers to edit this field.


  • Amie Brennan

    Hi Account team,

    I'm going to create a ticket so we can discuss this one in a bit more depth from there. See you in the ticket. :)

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Anna!

    The automatic suggestions you cited in your comment will happen automatically when your users type in their ticket subject; there's nothing you need to do to get that working.

    With regard to the rest of your question, there's a possibility that you could set this up with the Conditional Fields app, but I'm not sure whether it'll let you add links as menu options. If that won't do it, I think the only other option would be to create a custom form that meets your needs. 

  • Graham Lower

    Is it possible to enable a wysiwyg UI for description when using the {{request_form}} helper? 

  • Jacob Mattison

    Again, yes, exactly. Someone being CC'd only means that they want to follow the ticket, but doesn't tell me what their role on the ticket was (and they may not have any). I want to be able to report on:

    agents who act as trainers to assist newer agents who are assigned to the ticket

    agents who solve a ticket in tandem with another agent

    agents who act as a technical resource to assist the agent who is assigned to the ticket

    (and I want to be able to report that in both directions -- for agent X, list all tickets that they acted as a trainer on)


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Leonardo,

    There wouldn't be a way to accomplish this natively unfortunately. You'd need to use custom code within your Support trigger to display a form to the requester of the ticket.

    It may be worth taking a look at the following article as well: Building a custom ticket form with the Zendesk API


  • Guy

    Longshot here - but I'm wondering if custom fields can be sent via SMTP headers when a ticket is opened by email?

    Here's the use case - we send out alert notifications from our system to our end users, and would like to follow up on them from Zendesk. So we're thinking of CC-ing our support address on the email, which would open a ticket automatically (with the original recipient alerted on changed to that ticket). However - we'd like to pass some custom fields here which would not be present in the email itself (ie - account id).

    Is there a way to do that?

  • Sebastian Rosenqvist

    Is it possible to have a customer field (dropdown) be dependent on another customer fields (dropdown) choice.

    We are trying to have customer field open up when tin he partner dropdown the direct support option is chosen.


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Thanks Pedro,

    It looks like the articles you're reference are no longer available as they were set up as Announcements when the new feature was released. The functionality for these new features should be included in their respective articles. Is there one in particular that you're looking for?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Daniel!

    It's not possible to do that with custom fields. Can you go into more detail about what you're trying to accomplish? There might be another way to do it.

  • Pfinan
    Is there any way to require fields for internal tickets completed by Agents? I can make End-User fields required, but I don't see a way to make internal fields required.
  • Amy Waugh


    Have you tried not showing the field on the left hand side in your forms in Zendesk, to not allow the field to be visible or do you need the agents to still see it?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Jacob and Ohad!

    Jacob's solution is the only option for accomplishing something like this; it's an interesting use case though. Is there a reason that the CC field couldn't serve this purpose for you?

  • Tim Stubbs

    Apologies if this has been asked (and answered) before. I want to set up a custom ticket field for agents that has to be filled in upon solving. This field will basically be a root cause as to why the ticket was raised. As such, I'd like to make different drop down options according to ticket type. Is it possible to link the field to the ticket type?  

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Phil!

    You can rearrange the fields directly from your tickets forms! Are you not finding the option there?

  • Christoffer Johansson

    Hi, if I have a drop down with the following types:

    Shipping and Delivery



    And I would like to be able to have a sub-field so if the user selects return as type I want another field to appear with a drop down containing the following types:

    Too Smal

    Too Big



    Is this possible with the professional guide package?

  • justinwhall

    When using the custom drop down field, it tags my tickets on the agent side however the select input does not reflect the users selection? 


  • Kraven Youngs

    Disregard. I was speaking about a custom field, yes, but the {{}} placeholder was affected as well. It seems to have cleared itself up however. Thanks for checking in!

  • Zach Wermich

    Hey Kristin!

    I'd be glad to assist here. This looks like it would be best suited if we discussed further via ticket. I'll go ahead and create one on your behalf to get this started. Talk to you soon!

  • Brian McGinley

    @Doug Kyle


    OMG, I thought I was in that menu and I was in the Fields... Thank you for pointing out my error. 


  • Roman Kurbatov

    Hello there. I tried to add custom fields of different types at Admin/Ticket fields but when I try to create request and provide this fields as objects in the `custom_fields` array they are not added to the tickets. For { id: someId, value: 'someValue' } I see either nothing in response (if field is invisible) or { id: someId, value: null } if field is set as visible and field itself isn't added to the ticket. Should it be enabled somewhere else?


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