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    Andreas Schuster

    If you joined Zendesk on or after April 30, 2015 you do not have the Classic reporting functionality described in this article.

    What does this mean for me? I'm using it since one month with Plus plan.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Andreas!

    That note is just letting you know that if you started using Zendesk after 4/30/15, the little yellow notes about Zendesk Classic will not apply to you.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Hi ZD.
    I'm trying to build a report that shows # of tickets created per organization per month to date.
    Was going to build one with Data Series, but noticed we're limited to 8 - also didnt look like this would work too well with 100+ org's.


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    Amie Brennan

    Hi Jay,

    Whilst our standard reporting feature in Zendesk can be limited, the type of report you're looking to create can easily be done through our more in-depth reporting feature - Insights. Insights allows you to create a wide range of reports which you can use for further analysis at any time. This is available to users on the Plus and Enterprise plans currently.

    You're welcome to check out some further info on our Insights feature here:

    Please let us know if you have any further questions and we'll be happy to help. :)

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    Heza Hau

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if there was a way where I could display the total hold time so far.

    I've found that the current metrics available that calculate hold time in hrs/mins, only display a total when the ticket is Solved/Closed. 

    My manager needs a report that shows the total Hold hours from when the ticket was first set to Hold until now regardless of the current status. 

    For example: A ticket was created at 8am today and was put on Hold 1 hr later.

    I check this report at 3pm today and it shows me that the ticket has been on hold for a total of 6 business hours so far. 

    I hope this makes sense! 

    Thanks in advance!

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    David Spies

    I've been tasked in Zendesk to build a custom report that breaks down the number of tickets created each month (and year) by category. That's easy enough to do, but those categories also need to be a defined combination of multiple related categories (or tags) so as to make the report simpler to read (So all categories and subcategories under "Software" for instance). Essentially I need to combine specific categories that are all part of a larger group and to create a label that represents that group. Does anyone have a code example of this or any way to demonstrate how this might be accomplished?

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    Graeme Carmichael


    This used to be a horrible and high maintenance problem with GoodData. But now you can test for text matching a pattern. Do this with the LIKE AND ILIKE clauses.

    Here is an example for checking for a tag  that begins 'efinwfkey_' 

    • SELECT case when Ticket Tag [Ticket Tag] LIKE "efinwfkey_%" then 1 else 0 end

    So if you have a custom field that you have split into categories using two colons you can do a similar match on the tags or the custom field.

    Now if you add new sub categories, your count will still work.

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    Amy Dee

    To David - I see you've also created a support ticket for this question. We can work in more detail there, which will be a huge help for fine-tuning this report. Watch for my email!

    To Graeme - That's a great tip! The LIKE and ILIKE clauses are incredibly useful. Just be careful about using ticket tags in your metrics. Tag data is not stored in the same way as other ticket properties, so you need to take special steps to report on them. 

    If anyone is using nested dropdown fields, I recommend this recipe article, which uses those LIKE clauses with the field values instead of their tags.

    Happy reporting!

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    Graeme Carmichael

    Thanks Amy!

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    Γιώργος Μάρκου


    I was wondering how one could get statistics about the agents' performance through a custom Insights reports. Specifically, I cant see how I could generate a report that would indicate how many tickets an agent solved, regardless of whether they were assigned to him/her or not (that is, the assignee attribute is not helpful in this case)



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    Graeme Carmichael

    Try using...


    • Updater


    • Date Event is (date range)
    • Updater role is Agent, Admin

    Create a custom metric to count the ticket where the status has been changed to solved.

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    David Birchmier

    Great article and I love the recent updates! This reporting is critical to managing your support queue for optimal efficiency. 

    To take this one level deeper and delve into the world of real-time agent monitoring, agent scorecards, activity and productivity tracking, Tymeshift's agent management features may be of added and complimentary benefit.*

    *I'm from the Tymeshift team so this is a shameless, but none the less genuine plug. :) 

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    Matthew McIlvain


    I need to make a whole timeline report for a tickets life. How would you be able to track a ticket from when it was created to when it would start being worked on? While also including the ticket assignee and ticket id as well.

    Thank you

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    James Sanford

    Hey Matthew!

    It looks like this is your first time posting!  Based on this I expect that you do not have access to this classic reporting as this has not been included for new accounts since April 30, 2015.  If I am correct then you will need to use Insights to create these types of granular reports.  If this is the case then Building custom reports in Insights would be the initial documentation I would recommend reviewing. I'll go ahead and bring you into a ticket  so I can confirm your account subdomain and verify which reporting options are available to you.  Please keep an eye out for an email from me - thanks!

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