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    Laura Fu

    If I manually verify an email, as described in this article, does the user receive another email? And do they still have to go somewhere to create a password? Just wondering what the user experience is so I can support their questions.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Laura!

    No additional email is automatically sent if you verify the user manually. If you look right below the screenshot in the article, the last paragraph in the section tells you how to manually re-send the verification email if you'd like.

    The customer will still need to create a password on their own to log in to your Help Center. They'll be prompted to do so when they try to log in for the first time.

    Administrators also have the ability to reset or set user passwords. You can find more info on that here: Managing users.

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    Colin Tucker

    Can I auto-verify users in bulk through the admin web interface or does that have to be done with the API?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Colin! Welcome to the Community!

    I did a quick sanity check on this and was able to confirm that it's not possible to bulk-verify your users in the agent interface. However, as you mentioned, it's definitely possible through the API. You can find the corresponding endpoints in our Developer resources!

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    Derek Gieselman

    Does this have any affect on users trying to view their tickets via the "My Tickets" section of the Mobile SDK?

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    Diana (Edited )

    Hi! We don't use user registration however we find sometimes (does not happen too often) users claim they do not receive our support message from Zendesk. If the user shows as unverified could this affect the customer receiving the email on their end?

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    Joseph May


    This should not affect the SDK if the users are manually verified in the agent interface (or if they follow standard verification to begin with).


    Not verifying an email address should not affect end-users from receiving emails from you. Past asking your users to check their spam folder, please feel free to submit a ticket to if you find this is a problem with your Zendesk.

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    Crystal Carrow


    How, if at all, does this affect our site if we are using SSO/PTA with a separate identity provider?


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    Hey Crystal - 

    When an SSO provider is used for user authentication the users are provisioned and authenticated through the third party service configured outside of Zendesk. As a result, the users are created with verification by default. You can create a user that is verified automatically by passing in a verified: true key in a request which is what SSO does natively. 

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    Alex Aguilar

    Do the welcome emails expire after a given amount of time? If so, how long?

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    Nicole Relyea

    Hey Alex - 

    Apologies for the delayed response on this. The verification links in those emails are good for 24 hours. 

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    Hello, on part of "Resending the verification email for a user".. is there a way to slighty modify that process?

    For example:
    - the email being sent with "Welcome to 'X'. Please click the link below to create a password and sign-in.

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