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    Colin Piper (Edited )

    @Maria. you may find a solution to your question about setting the reply to email address here:

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    Maria Nørgaard

    @Colin: You're awesome! Thank you so much! :)

    @Max: Thanks for your reply. Hope it'll soon be prioritized by ZD.

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    Jennifer Haight

    Any updates on brand-specific signatures? We would like to have a signature including brand-specific contact information automatically applied to the ticket based on the brand of the ticket.

    For example
    Brand 1 signature:
    You may contact us at ### or

    Brand 2 signature:
    You may contact us at different ### or

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    Sander Scheer

    We have fixed that with the following solution, based on the "Create ticket for brand app":
    1. Create a dynamic content, where you have a different signature for every brand (while the brand is a custom field with this "Create ticket for brand app")
    2. Create a custom app that has no display, that inserts the dynamic content placeholder in your reply, everytime you reply to a ticket (we've called it the "Add signature for brand" app)

    The dynamic content looks something like this:
    {% case ticket.ticket_field_option_title_24431341 %}
    {% when 'Brand A' %}
    Kind regards,

    Brand A
    {% when 'Brand B' %}
    Kind regards,

    Brand B
    {% endcase %}

    The content of the app.js looks something like this:
    (function() {
    return {
    events: {

    onTicketSave: function() {
      var comment = this.comment();
      var original = comment.text();
      var placeholder = this.setting('placeholder');
      if (original.length > 0 && comment.type() == 'publicReply' && original.indexOf(placeholder) < 0){
      return true;


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    Jessie Schutz

    Thanks for sharing your solution, Sander!

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    Maria Nørgaard

    Hi Jennifer

    We've simply set it up as triggers, but of course this puts the brand specific info at the bottom of the e-mail notification to the end user rather than straight into the agent signature. However, our brand info is long enough that it actually makes more sense only putting it once at the end of the message rather than in every reply (we often have longer correspondences with our end users).

    Simple but efficient. :)

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    Jessie Schutz

    @Maria - Simple, efficient, and elegant. Thanks for sharing!

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    Maria Nørgaard

    Hi again

    I know I just gave one solution to this above, but I'm also helping other ZD accounts in my group with their setups and one of these accounts would like to use the placeholder {{}} in the agent signature.

    Is there any update on this?

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    Max McCal

    Hi, Maria -

    That's something I'd like us to explore soon. We have a number of open issues with Multibrand and we're looking into them all, but that one hasn't bubbled up to the top of the list just yet. Lately we've offered the ability to require a brand field selection for agents creating tickets, and very soon we have a few more things in development. That particular issue is on a shrinking list of fixes we need to investigate.

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    Sander Scheer

    Hi everybody!

    The "Add Signature for Brand" App we have written is now open source available on Github:

    If you are interested in custom signatures per brand, please check it out there!

    Zendesk update: Adding branded signatures is now an option in the UI when you set up (or edit) a brand.

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    Jennifer Rowe

    Sander, this is really, really awesome! Thanks for sharing your app with everyone. I'm sure it'll be useful.

    We'd love have it as a tip in our community (, if you have time. :) Thanks!

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    Marybeth Sklar


    I have three questions about 'Add Signature..." that I hope you can answer.

    1. Does the agent need to choose the brand in order for the variable dynamic content to display?

    2. Please verify that the Add signature app replaces the need to create the custom app you reference in your July 23 post. (I don't need to install Ruby and the gem, right?)

    3. The dynamic content shown in your example is clearly more than html, which along with css, is the limit of my abilities. Can you point me to a reference for the syntax you use in your dynamic content example?

    Thanks very much -

    Mary Beth

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    Charles Magnuson

    This article has a broken link. The "Setting up business rules for multiple brands" link points to an admin URL that's not accessible to us. Instead, I think it should point here:

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    Bob Novak

    Thanks for pointing that out Charles - I've let our documentation team know.

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    Mark Fly

    If you already have separate brand desks that were to be combined with a "hub" account, is it now possible to designate one as the main or master account and attach the second, third ones as a "brand"? How do you migrate if you were already creating this setup before the new feature was available and have two separate accounts?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Mark!

    You can find documentation on this here:

    Check out the Migrating from Hub and Spoke to Multibrand section in the Documentation part of that guide.

    Hope that helps!

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    Mark Hinson

    We are looking at using Zendesk Brands to support a single service desk selling/supporting multiple product ranges, so we would have a parent domain ( and a brands of,  We have an integration with a MAGENTO (eCommerce site Sales/Order System).  Question:- Does  each Magento system integrate to the site or to each of the branded, etc sites, or is either approach possible?

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    Christopher McLoughlin

    Hi Mark,

    The Magento app installs in the "" and can be used by all brands. This link goes through how you can get the integration going.

    If you are looking to setup multiple Magento instances with each brand (Store A with Brand A, Store B with Brand B, etc.) this currently cannot be done with Multibrand. There may be ways to get this done, but they are unfortunately not currently supported by Zendesk. If you'd like to discuss this point more, please open up a ticket with us.

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    Is there anyone else here who's seeing issues with inline headers, after adding links to the trigger messages?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Francis!

    Can you describe what you're experiencing in more detail?

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    Peter Hochstrasser

    We had to change the brand for the current default external support mail address.

    Be advised that this works only after making another e-mail temporarily the default address.


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    Philip Argy

    Why can't people on Team plans just have the option to add another brand knowledge base for an add-on fee? For a small business, it doesn't make sense to have to upgrade all the way to a Professional plan just to have one extra knowledge base.

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    Nicole Relyea

    Hey Phil - 

    Thanks for your feedback, and welcome to the Zendesk Community!

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