Adding multiple article, section, and category templates to your theme (Guide Enterprise)

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  • Nick Severson

    We'd like to have a default set of headings/sections populate when a new article is created. Is there a way to do this with templates? It doen't look like I can define a default "article body" to populate that would then be editable. Thanks in advance for any tips.

  • Dan Kondzela

    Hey Nick, It sounds like you are looking for some information on how to set up consistent Articles in the Article Editor itself, not the back end behavior of these articles.

    Unfortunately we do not have built in functionality that accomplishes exactly what you're looking for, Article Body Templates. That is a great suggestion though! For now I would recommend drafting your articles bodies in a service like Microsoft Word or Google Docs and then copy past in as needed. It's not seamless, but it will cut down on your editing time.


  • Nick Severson

    Makes sense. Thanks for the info.

  • Matt Farrington Smith

    Just wanted to echo this request too - that would be of great use to us. I was just asking a member of your support team the very same thing.

    Surely it wouldn't be that taxing to do in the backend and make the feature available to us no?

    Thanks, Matt


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