Chat vs messaging - the admin & agent perspective

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  • Peter McKesson

    I did learn something.  I heard that there is an indicator or session token with both chat and messenger.  Will my agents get notified of their pending messages/tickets when they are updated? If my agents have a message/ticket open or more than one open as tabs will the agent be notified of pending tickets being updated?  Are there settings for these chat and messaging limitations? The reason for my questions is that my agents are not being consistently notified of updates while using the web application.  Many times - but not always - it is there mobile devices that is alerting them to updates to their tickets and new incoming tickets.  After watching this demonstration it made me think perhaps I have missed some sort of onboarding step with Messenger.   Please advise. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Peter, 
    Have you seen this article on the Notifications list? Using the notifications list to manage conversations. It shows updates from Zendesk messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter DM, but not from public Facebook comments or posts, or email-based tickets.
  • Peter McKesson

    Hello Dave - this may be the missing information. So, what we should expect is to reply to assigned tickets and when the client replies back to us this Notification List will be updated.  My agents won't get a web app sound with already assigned tickets they will only see the Notification List "bell" indicator count.

    In addition to the Notification List they do have their mobile phones next to them and the mobile does seem to update them with a sound.  I'm learning so much right now I can't remember with certainty if that is fact. But, my team does use their phones to help them stay updated with messages. 

    I will work with this Notification List and see if this sorts out the perceived inconsistencies.

    Thank you 


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