Setting up notification routing for live chat and messaging

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  • CJ Johnson

    This article had a large change.  It used to say that if an agent did not accept an incoming chat assignment, the system *would not* try to assign it to them again: 

    Now, it says it will keep trying them after trying everyone else: 

    I've been trying to get help for months now (and keep having my tickets silently closed out without assistance), because I was seeing agents being "retried" for the same chat, when this article still said that was not the expected behavior.

    Was the behavior of the tool actually changed a month ago, or was it doing round robin and re-trying agents who did not pick up the first time, again, this whole time? I've opened and had 3 tickets closed without any comments from Zendesk about this at this point, and I just want to confirm what the behavior is currently, and what it was historically, to troubleshoot related issues. 

  • Aimee Spanier
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi, @CJ Johnson. The update was made at the request of one of our Chat product managers. I don't recall if it was a change in behavior, or a correction/clarification of the description of existing behavior.

    I'm sorry your tickets weren't addressed. I can't help with that, but I hope you've gotten some assistance now.


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