Adding WhatsApp channels to the Zendesk Agent Workspace

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  • Gravity CX Admin


    Just wondering if the hosting for your WhatsApp phone number add-on is also required when configuring WhatsApp with the new agent workspace and social messaging enabled?

    Over in the article Setting up your WhatsApp channel (standard agent interface) it says to contact your account manager about purchasing the add-on....but no mention in this article.

    Reason for asking is that I have gone all the way through set-up (new agent workspace and social messaging enabled), selected my phone number (all approved by FB etc) but at the last step when I try to add it under channels in the Admin centre, I get an error message saying:

    "Channel couldn't be added"
    "Give it a moment and try again"

    I've spent the best part of the day scouring FB articles (even went down this path) and Zendesk articles to no avail. I contacted support but kind of didn't help.

    Only thing I can see is if I need to purchase the add-on but I have no idea how to see if it's required (or already purchased).

    Thanks for any help.

  • Gravity CX Admin

    Figured it out. I don't have the WhatsApp number add-on purchased on my account. All good !!

  • Raj Rana

    Do I need a WhatsApp API account or just WhatsApp Business number?

    I want multiple agents to be able to be assigned to just 1 number.

    I hope I'm making sense.

  • Josh
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Raj,

    Thank you for your message. For this one, you will need a WhatsApp business number and having multiple agents for 1 WhatsApp number is fine.

  • Rotem Benshalom

    If like us, you can't find the Messaging and Social under Channels, there is another guide. I suggest that you edit this article to include this link and explanation that it is a separate app that needs to be installed.


  • Merna Team

    Hi There
    currently facing a challenge setting up the facebook account when doing the whatsapp integration with zendesk. was using the zendesk whatsapp setup wizard and got to this point.
    note we have a created a facebook account and have a whatsapp business no.
    Step 1 was completed we signed into facebook account via wizard to grant permission for the apps to talk to each other
    Step 2 it asked to create a meta and whatsapp business account
    after entering name, address n phone gave error would not let us proceed
    an error has occurred while processing your request, pls try again later. which we did but still shows same issue

    can anyone please suggest a solution to resolve this issue.

    thanks in advance

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Sadiq,
    Upon checking, you have already submitted a ticket for this concern. You can always create a followup by replying to the email we sent you if you need additional assistance for it.
  • Carolina

    Buenas tardes , intento migrar una cuenta de WhatsApp Bussiness Quiera saber cuál es el mejor procedimiento para realizar esta tarea ..

  • Julio H
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hola, Carolina, gracias por comunicarte con nosotros.
    ¡Espero que estés muy bien!

    Entiendo que deseas migrar tu número de WhatsApp de otra plataforma a Zendesk. 

    Explicamos este proceso aquí: ¿Zendesk admite la migración del número de WhatsApp?

    Te recomiendo utilizar el auto-servicio al momento de añadir tu número de WhatsApp. 
    Espero que la información te sea de ayuda, en caso de que tengas más dudas, te recomiendo contactar con el soporte de Zendesk.
    Un saludo,
  • Natalia Cano

    Hi. I need to disconnect my WhatsApp line and there are no information in the any of the pages and I have not received support through private channels despite trying to this for months!

  • Christine Felicia
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Natalia,

    Sorry about the trouble. I've already reached out to our team to update you on the ticket you've raised with us. Kindly check your email for updates. Thank you!
  • Natalia Cano

    Hi Christine. I have received how to erase the account but no explanation on why it is not in my business account manager of meta and how I can manage it. Still waiting for your team to reach out.

  • Alex Makhnytskyi

    Hello Zendesk Engineering,
    Few questions:
    1. Have you tested WhatsApp Group Chat? Does it work?
    i.e. Client creating a Grup Chat, adding your business WhatsApp and starting a conversation between Support & a few clients. I would like to know if responses from different clients wil be added to the same ticket or no.

    2. Is it possible to link the client's WhatsApp number with his email profile?

  • georgina Bullworthy

    Facing a problem with our display name. We have a WhatsApp business display name approved by Meta and in our business settings. But when we send messages - users only see the number in Whatsapp - not the display name. We can not use Whatsapp on the phone or desktop now connected to Zendesk. Any ideas how to make sure our business name shows?

  • Cécile Zongo

    Hi Georgina 👋🏽

    In order to see the display name attached to the phone number on WhatsApp Business API, an Official Business Account is needed. If you connected your phone number via the self service process, you can request the Official Business Account directly via the WhatsApp Business Account you own and host. Here is the process you need to follow. Please, note that only WhatsApp decides regarding the Official Business Account approval, this is out of Zendesk control. Have a nice day


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