Disabling users from self-solving tickets with linked articles

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  • Ben Fulton

    We really need two switches here—one for the user solving the problem when they follow a link to the article, and another that enables them to solve when they go to an *unlinked* article. What is happening to us is that user are *unintentionally* solving tickets when they get a confusing message while they are browsing Guide for other reasons, partly because the message they see on Guide doesn't do anything to remind them about the contents of the ticket. If the notification at least quotes the subject line of the referenced ticket, that would be a huge improvement.

  • Daniel

    We've just moved to Agent workspace, and have disabled the Knowledge Capture App because it was causing issues now that Knowledge capture is part of the Context Panel. How to we enable/disable Rapid Resolve with Agent workspace?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Daniel,
    The Knowledge in the Agent Workspace Context Panel is only for searching and linking. If your customers can still self solve even without the Knowledge Capture App, it's possible that you have Article recommendations enabled
    If in case, you've encountered an unexpected behavior, don't hesitate to contact our Support directly and we'll be glad to help.

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