Out of scope support requests


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Mike,

    We feel your pain.  Lately we've started to cc the person responsible at the client location, make an appropriate public comment like "Typically John handles these requests. We've cc'd him on this ticket.  We'll keep this ticket open for a few days to see how you make out"  and set the ticket to pending.  This way the client feels attended to.  

  • Lester

    To avoid bad CSAT, you should add a tag to those requests and then exclude customers with that tag on the ticket from getting the survey.

    Other that than, we tell the customer that we have forward the email rather than cc like Heather, as we try to avoid getting cc’ed on future updates to the ticket.


  • William Bray

    I would create a macro to add a tag "out_of_scope" and an appropriate comment, along with marking the ticket solved.  Then exclude tickets with that tag from getting the survey. 

    For QC purposes, a supervisor should review a report of all out of scope tickets to a) ensure agents are not abusing the tag to avoid a bad rating, and b) determine if patterns of out-of-scope tickets should be handled differently.  

    Alternatively, instead of marking the ticket solved you could put it in pending status, with an automation to follow-up with the user to ensure their problem was resolved.  Even if that particular ticket is out of scope, it would provide a +1 in customer service.  

  • Mike Domin

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. We have added the tag to exclude these types of tickets from CSATs and will experiment with the best way to follow-up.


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