How do I sign up for the Content Blocks EAP?



  • Ruth Crespo

    Hi there, will this feature allow us to be able to add the same article to multiple sections without having to duplicate it? And if so, how might we be able to access the BETA version? This would really help us with some of IA designs

  • DS RF

    Content Blocks (in its unfinished state) does not yet support the full mirroring of all article content such as images, for instance.  It's their plan to eventually get there, but everything is still "in development." 

    At the moment, though, if you just have paragraphs of text, then, yes, you'd essentially be able to have two different articles that contain the same "content," and you'd be able to update the text in one place, which would be reflected in both.

    Follow the link in Katarzyna's post and fill out the form to be considered for their EAP (Early Access Program—AKA the beta version).


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