Problem with basic authentication in a HTTP target extension


  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Hey Jai 👋

    I see it more a security measurement.

    The reason if you (or more importantly another Admin) went to go back to the target another time, it uses the authentication that is in the password field. And doesn't expose the real API token.
    Which is just ******** (not a valid API token, that is stored server side with Zendesk).
    Else you would be able to get a secure API token with some easy DOM inspecting and changing.

    Rest assured, if you test in the first time it works. Then save it.
    If you need test again, you'll need to create a new token.

    - Kay

  • Michael

    I am having this exact same issue after updating the token on a HTTP target that was working just fine previously.  Test, it works, update, then it doesn't.  I have also verified with the other program, that upon TEST, the payload is reaching it's target.  Once updated, the information doesn't pass to the target, via test or in the actual situation I need it to work. 

    What was said above, make sense, however, based on that, it would also be assumed that the token would pass and the payload would reach it's target in the live situation after it was updated.  It's not, and from what I'm seeing with Jai, it's not working there either.

    Again, this is something new on an HTTP target that was previously working, all I did was update the token/password (and yes, this is correct).  I have raised a ticket with Zendesk on this, but any other suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Erika Camille Sundian
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Michael,

    We are so sorry that we have not gotten back to you here, and are so grateful for your patience in this extraordinary business climate!

    I can see you have raised a ticket about this inquiry internally and the ticket has now been solved. If you have additional questions, I would suggest to please follow-up there or you can share more details here. :)

  • Sushant Patade


      Can you please suggest the solution recommended over the ticket ?


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