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    Hi Jon,

    You need to create Dynamic Content like this:


    After creating the Dynamic Content you will get the placeholder name



    Copy the placeholder name


    Paste in the searchbar placeholder like this.

    {{search submit=true instant=settings.instant_search class='search search-full' placeholder=(dc settings.searchbar_placeholder)}}


    You can create multiple languages variants in the dynamic content like this;

    1). Click add variants


    Top right corner.




    2). You will reach this window.


    3). Select any language you want to show.

    4). Write the text in the content field, as you want to show the search bar placeholder text in Arabic so you need to select the Arabic language in the dropdown list and type the placeholder content in Arabic.

    Click create button. Now go to the preview mode and select language Arabic in your language selector and see the search bar.

    for the translated text you can use Google Translate.


    Test well and if any bug let me know.


    Also go through this article -






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