Setting your schedule with business hours and holidays (Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Pippa Crighton

    We are trialling Zen Desk plus - and I am unable to set business hours and holidays. I have toggled "enable business hours" but everytime I leave the page and return my changes have reverted despite it saying "saved". What am I doing wrong here?

    Thanks, Pippa

  • Nathan P

    Hi, are business hours (or custom schedules) exposed through the API at all? Specifically, I'd like to be able to do what @Jeanette mentions above - display business hours on a form.

  • Sandra Törmä

    Why don't you give an option to buy Multiple Schedules as an add-on? Upgrade to Enterprise would double the expenses and it wouldn't give any other value for us with Plus (~Professional) plan except for this..

    This is also needed for Voice channel. Own schedule for each support number sounds kind of basic feature for me, and without it we are forced to consider other solutions :(

  • Andy L

    We have a professional license and based on the article I take it that we only have one schedule available so in my case where we have an agent in Western Canada and an agent in Eastern Canada we will not be able to accurate use the business hour? There is a 3-hour time different between the two ends of Canada.

  • Chris Sindt

    Hi Zendesk,

    We have business hours enabled and an 8am - 5pm, M-F schedule set.  However, when pulling metrics from Insights on Friday then reviewing those same numbers the follow Monday, I'm reasonably confident those business hours are not recognized.  It's clear night and weekend hours are being considered.  Beyond the enabling business hours, is there something else I need to configure?

  • Andy L

    @Chris Sindt

    Check the metrics you used in your report. There are calendar hours-based and there are business hour-based metrics. In order to use the business hour properly you need to pick the metrics that calculates based on business hours; there is usually a [Biz Hr] in front of the metrics you can select.

    Hope this helps

  • Andrew J

    A condition for 'in business hours' would be great for Automations too.  We have a number of automations that we using business hours, so should not run until we are in hours again, however my systems for delaying notifications fail on a few levels.

    If I have a requirement for the ticket to be open to run... as well as the business hours condition... if business hour condition is triggered, but the ticket is closed, then reopens outside business hours - it will run.

    So I put a condition based on latest update by requester... but if a CC updates the ticket, it fires.

    If I use a condition based on any update it works , but what if I don't want that?

    An option to prevent a trigger firing outside business hours would be good :) 

  • Andrew J

    Also if an agent other than the requester updates the ticket this can cause the same issues.


  • Aditya Talekar

    I want to set office hours as per the groups, as there are teams that work in different countries and have different work schedules. Please let me know if that is possible and if yes then how can we set those.




  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Aditya,

    If you're on the Enterprise plan you'll have the ability to create multiple schedules by selecting Add Schedule under Admin>Settings>Schedules>. If you're on the Professional plan you'll be limited to one schedule. You can then apply schedules to tickets using Triggers as mentioned here.

    If you've set up triggers to auto-assign tickets to groups you can edit your existing triggers to also apply a certain schedule to that ticket based on the group that ticket is assigned to. Your trigger conditions can look similar to the following:

    Meets all of the following conditions

    Ticket > is > Updated
    Group > is > Test


    Set Schedule > Test

    The conditions will vary based on your workflow but hopefully this gives you a better idea of how to set this up.

    Hope this helps!

  • Heather R

    On Enterprise, we want to only fire off CSATs within a certain window.  I created a CSAT Schedule.

    However, I can't get the Automation to run off the CSAT schedule. The ticket needs to stay set on our usual Business Hours Schedule for normal ticket processes. We just want the CSAT Automation to fire off between certain hours on certain days... Can't seem to get that to work.

    Any ideas?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Heather,

    We will most likely need to take a look at some ticket examples as well as the automation conditions you've set up on your account. I'm going to get a ticket created on your behalf and passed over to our Support team so they can follow up with you.


  • Christopher C.


    I want to create a view for my agents based on a fixed time as to when the tickets came in.

    For instance, I want a view that shows all tickets older than 9am from today. Once this view is set, after 9am, it shouldn't increase.

    Currently, I have to change the view every hour as it is set "Calendar: More than: (# of hour difference to 9am)" to set it for the appropriate time.

    Please let me know if it's possible to set a fixed time so I don't have to keep changing it every hour.

    Kind Regards,


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Christopher,

    I'm afraid there's no view condition that will look at the hour a ticket was created unfortunately. The best alternative I can think of is if you have multiple schedules available on your current plan, then creating a schedule specifically for before 9AM and one for after 9 AM.

    For example, Schedule A would have the hours 1 AM to 9 AM set as shown in the screenshot below:

    Schedule B would have hours 9AM to 5 PM set as shown below:

    You can then create a trigger that will apply a tag if the ticket was created within Schedule B's hours:

    After the above is set up you can then create a view that shows any tickets that contain that tag. I realize this may not be the solution you're looking for but I do hope it helps!

  • Julian Lasser


    Is there a way to apply a schedule based on the geography the ticket was opened? Can Zendesk detect where a ticket is opened?


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Julian,

    The closest condition available is the Requester Timezone as mentioned in our Trigger conditions and actions reference

    You could then set the schedule based on the timezone of the requester.

    Hope this helps!


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