Metrics and attributes for Zendesk Chat

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  • Marty Whitby

    I was informed that the Chat dataset is not available yet in Explore. Is this an account specific issue or has it not been added to Explore yet?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Marty -

    It has not been added yet, but is coming soon. You may be interested to read through the October Updates to Zendesk Explore for additional details.

  • Andrew Forbes

    Hey Marty -


    Wanted to let you know that our team has finished rolling out the Chat dashboard. You can access it now in your account. Please let us know if you run into any issues. 




  • Jamie Noell

    I am not seeing Chat Conversion in Explore. Do you know when this type of reporting will be added to the Chat Dashboard or at least be available for a custom query?

  • Patrick Bosmans

    Our Explore Product team is looking at expanding the Chat dataset this year to add more metrics and attributes, but we do not yet have a firm ETA on when this will happen and what will be included in the next round of updates.

    You can keep up to date on our product announcements by following this section of our Explore help center.

  • Kelly Johnson

    Unlike phone calls, our agents can be working multiple chats at the same time.  Is there a way to report how many simultaneous chats are being answered by an agent or can I report their average?  

  • Gretchen Ladd

    Hello Kelly,

    We don't import this type of data into Explore so there isn't really going to be a way to report on it there. You can view agent activity by the hour in Chat Analytics and download a CSV of that data; or you can use the Real Time Chat API to pull this data and report on it externally. I'm sorry we don't have an easier way to do this at the moment! This is a great idea though and I'm sure a lot of other people would find this data helpful. If you're interested you might consider posting this request in our Explore Product Feedback forum.  

  • Kelly Johnson

    Thank you Gretchen.

  • Justin Fain

    I see there is an option for Non-engaged outbound chats.  Is it possible to run a report for Non-engaged outbound triggers?

  • Molly VS

    Hey Justin!

    Unfortunately trigger data isn't imported to Explore so it wouldn't be possible to report on it. You can see more trigger activity in the Chat Analytics and download a CSV of that data


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