Creating views to build customized lists of tickets

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  • Aaron Nakamura-Weiser

    We had someone alter one of our list views and we are now trying to restore it to its previous there any type of versioning or restore option for Views?

  • James Harris

    Hi there,

    I don't think there's necessarily an answer to this with the current functionality within views but here's my issue.

    I have traditionally split out the 'Pending - All Tickets' view into two 'work' reports. The first of those is filtered by:

    Status is Pending
    Hours since update is greater than 168

    This means any tickets that have been sat in pending for a week pop into this report for my team to follow up and nudge the requester, or move the ticket towards closure if the user does not engage.

    That's all well and good but we've now introduced an additional element of complexity by 'switching on' the priority field. I now want to add conditions to the view which will show low priority tickets after 168 hours but high priority tickets after just 24 hours. In other words, I want to achieve:

    IF Status is Pending


    ((Priority = High
    Hours Since Update > 24)


    (Priority = Low
    Hours Since Update > 168))


    Add the ticket the view

    Is there anyway I can achieve this easily? I can set up separate views but I'm keen to keep the number of views we ask the team to monitor daily to a minimum.


  • Julie Vargo

    I don't have a "More" button in order to see additional views that are available. All views are set for all agents, no matter the group. I know there are extra views that should be available, but all I have at the bottom of the list are "suspended", "deleted," and a link to manage the views. 

  • Erik Cerbulis

    I am looking for a way to build a view that shows tickets where I am the cc on (versus the assignee of).  Is there any way to do this or has anyone come up with a workaround for this?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    You can try to add those users to an organization. Once done, you can then use the condition for organization in your views.
    Unfortunately, Zendesk does not have an option to restore any data that has been deleted.
    You will really need to create different views for this use case for there are multiple conditions that needs to be met that can't be added on the same view.
    Please refer to Can I create a view of tickets I'm CC'd on?. Short answer is "no". I also can't think of a method to leverage the use of web-hooks and API for this use case.
  • Stacy Win

    I'm trying to confirm an assumption I have on restricted ticket access accounts (agents can only see tickets in groups they are assigned to). If an agent has access to a View but does not have access to all the tickets that meet the view conditions, the agent would only see the tickets they have access to that meet the conditions. Is this correct?

    The Zendesk account is setup to restrict ticket access, agents can only see tickets in groups they are assigned to. A view is set up to show unsolved tickets is Group X and Group Y. An agent assigned to Group X has access to the view. If they go to the view, they WILL only see the tickets in Group X; they WILL NOT see tickets with Group Y.

  • Dave Dyson
    HI Stacy, yes that's correct.
  • Ahmed Esmat

    "In a upcoming release, this will change so that views will use the schedule that is applied to the ticket."

    What is the ETA?

  • Adrian

    We need more than 12 views in the sidebar. We are in 2022, the digital era, which should be at least double that, if not more. Please forward this to your business development. 
    Instead of focusing on changing the admin area, which is not really necessary, please tell them to change things that actually matter and are used by agents on a daily basis. Admin settings are changed probably twice a year. Sort the priority using common sense, please. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Adrian, welcome to the community! I know our Product team embarked on a proof of concept for showing more Views, and they're looking for input -- see Salvador Vazquez' comment here, and please feel free to update that product feedback thread and add your own responses to his questions: Views limitation
  • Maik Künnemann

    Hi @... there is a bug if a ticket has no skills:

    - the view column "skill match" said "match"

    - the view condition "skills" said "no match"

    It must be equal - either a ticket without skills is interpreted as "no match" or "match" - but not once like this and once like that!

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Maik, please note that there are limitations on skills-based views. The result appears on the skill-based view depend whether you created skills-based conditions or skills-match views.

    Limitations for only views with skills-based conditions

    These limitations apply only to views with skills-based conditions. They do not apply to skills-match views.

    • Closed tickets: Closed tickets are not included in views with skills-based conditions.
    • Tickets with no skills: Tickets with no skills are excluded from the view.

    Limitations for only skills-match views

    These limitations apply only to skills-match views. They do not apply to views with a skills-based condition.

    • Number of tickets assessed: If the ticket count in a skills-match view includes more than 3,000 tickets, or a processing timeout occurs, all tickets will have the skills correctly applied, but some tickets may not appear in the view.
    • Ticket display: Only the first 30 tickets in a skills-match view are displayed, based on how your tickets are sorted. You can change the displayed tickets by changing the view’s sorting criteria.
    • Tickets with no skills: Tickets with no skills are included in the view.
    For more detailed information, see Creating skills-based views and Understanding the limitations of skills-based views.
  • Maik Künnemann

    The problem is the wrong check mark, not the visible ticket. The ticket can be in the view, but not with a check mark for "skill match", when the other view said "no skill match"

  • Support Admin

    The view condition "Ticket: Requester" seems illogical. If I set this condition, I cannot select any requester who is a user, or what is 99.5% of the situation. I can only select an agent, but I already have the condition assignee for that. Does NOT seem useful at all? What am I missing?

    My use case is I want to filter out test cases from user TEST. But cannot do that with the condition which seems like it should.

  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care

    As you can see there isn't a proper condition that actually provides the option to select the end-user or their email address. However, there are a few workarounds you can apply in that matter. You can use the condition "Organisation" and refer to the org that the user is part of. You can also apply User tags to your customers and use these tags as a condition on the views. To hear more about user tags, please check "Adding tags to users and organizations".

    I hope this helps! 
  • Jacquelyn Redington

    We have a lot of light agents that we use to help us solve a ticket. We are using our system for employee related questions and issues. 

    We put the light agents on as a follower and I was wondering if there is a way to set up a view for current user who is following a ticket. 

    The light agents are not informed that they have been placed as a follower unless we add them, add a comment and then submit the ticket. It would be nice for the light agents who are followers to see what tickets they are following all in one area, as opposed to going to their profile and viewing that way.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Jacquelyn,

    I hope all is well! At this moment, it is not possible to set up views based on followers. We have acknowledged your feedback!

  • sunil.jadhav

    Our support team sends out documentation links in resolution tickets. Is it possible to identify such tickets and create an agent view for our documentation team ?

  • Arianne Batiles
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi sunil.jadhav

    We do not currently have a condition in Views that can identify and list tickets where an article link is shared. Our Knowledge Capture app has the ability to track linked articles. See this article  for more information. 

  • Jonathan Lunt

    As part of the ticketing process we add story points once a ticket is ready to be worked on.. These are a numeric values that help us to plan tickets and sort out schedules.  

    I would like the team to be able to see a view that has all of the quick jobs so ones that have a value of up to 5 lets say. 

    Is there any way to do this? 

  • Shannon Pesta
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Jonathan! 

    Sadly, numeric fields cannot be added as conditions in views, or view columns. You can, however, create a custom drop-down ticket field with the numeric values. The drop-down field values can then be used as conditions or added to a column in the view's formatting. Hope that helps! 
  • Lucky Phiri

    Good day,



    I'm unable to view Tickets assigned to my Agents and i'm the admin  



  • Marine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Lucky! 
    To see the tickets assigned to your agents, you will need to create a View. 
    Did you create a particular View that is supposed to show the tickets assigned to your agents? If so - would you be able to take a screenshot of the conditions set for that View?
    If you are referring to the fact that you can't view this customised View in your list on the left, you can order the list and add it among the 12 Views allowed. Here is an article dedicated for it. 
    Let me know! 
  • Ferenc Nagy

    Hello, when you have an incident ticket, it would be great to see the ticket id of the problem ticket or at least if the incident ticket is connected to a problem ticket in a column. Is there a way to add a column that will show the ticket id of the problem ticket?



  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ferenc,
    As of the moment, there is no option to show / add a column that will show the ticket id of the problem ticket in your views.
    I can imagine, it would be incredibly helpful to be able to view the list of Incident tickets along with the Problem ID in your ticket views, so that you can see how many tickets/customers are affected by a specific problem. 
    I would recommend you to leave Feedback in our Community. Our Teams are frequently looking through the posts in order to get ideas on future additions to the Software. The more a votes a post gets, the higher the chance that the feature will be added in the future.
  • Anderson

    I don't have this "more" button at the end of my Views list, only a "Manage Views". I need to be able to see more than 12 views without going into Edit mode, just see the ticket lists


  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Anderson, 

    The Views page is limited to display only the first 12 shared views and the first 8 personal views. If you want to show different views that you use frequently to appear, reorder your views and bring the most relevant views to the top of the list. More information may be found here: Can I increase the number of displayed views?
  • Andras Guseo


    Is it possible to create a rule like this?

    Assignee is either me or ticket is not assigned.

    I haven't been able to find anything and it would be really useful.

    The only workaround I found was creating a line for every user saying

    • Assignee is not user 1
    • Assignee is not user 2
    • ...

    But with 50 users that feels like an overkill.

  • Nicky Clark

    Hi Andras Guseo, we have a view like that which is designed to show our agents any tickets that require their attention. 

    Under 'Tickets can meet any of these conditions to appear in the view', you'll just need to add the criteria:

    • Assignee is (current user)
    • Assignee is -

    I hope that helps! 

  • Andras Guseo

    Hi Nicky Clark

    Unfortunately, that doesn't help at all.

    If I set up

    • 'Tickets can meet any of these conditions to appear in the view'
    • Assignee is (current user)
    • Assignee is -

    Then I will still see tickets that are assigned to other users.

    The rule says it: "can meet any", but doesn't have to. :(

    There is no way to set up that "it can only meet these two conditions".


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