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  • Alison Cook


    Is there an update on when the Agent status will be available i.e. How long were agents in invisible, away and/or ready? We'd like to most specifically know the average # of chats served/time in ready. The Avg daily Chat does not allow this because if an agent only works 4 days/week then their chat numbers look very low. Thank you!

    Alison Cook

  • Mani Berenji

    We need "abandoned" chats to be part of the standard reporting metrics. 
    I'm defining abandoned chats as :

    1. Chat was started by a customer
    2. Customer left the chat session before connecting with an agent

    Missed chats won't work because it counts chats that were connected to an agent, where the agent never replied.

    The reason missed chats won't work is because it introduces 2 causes for the customer leaving instead of just focusing on if the customer left because they didn't get assigned an agent.


  • Timothy Humangit

    Hi, I'm getting different CSAT results if I look at Chat departments vs. Engagement Departments. Any reason why that's the case?

  • Elissa Tikalsky
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi @...

    Chats and Engagements are a little different. Sometimes a single chat can be made up of multiple engagements. You can learn a bit more about how that all works in this article: What is an Engagement in Chat?

    I hope that helps!

  • Angelino


    I am a little bit confused about the difference between Assignments and Chats as well as Chat Accepted, Chat Completed, and Chat served. I am trying to generate the data and it gives me different data each.


    Thank you!

  • Angelino


    May I know how do Engagement Assignments work? 

    I noticed that in just one ticket 1 it has multiple assignments but when I visited the chat itself, it is only one chat. I would like to understand how it was tagged as multiple assignments to a single agent but was only assigned to him once?



  • Christian Perdikis

    Hello, just resurfacing the topic of chat conversions in Explore. Now that GoodData is expired, when can we expect Online conversions from chat to be a metric available to Explore?



  • Jera Callueng

    Hi @...!

    We do not have a firm ETA on when this will happen. However, the team is working to make more reporting options available in the future.

    Alternatively, you can check out Google Analytics-Chat integration and see if this fits your reporting needs. Feel free to have a look at this article: Setting up Zendesk Chat with Google Analytics

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • CJ Johnson

    There's a major problem with one of the calculations here.  For missed chats, Zendesk is computing the time from the LAST chat message sent, to the end of chat, and calling that the "Wait time", in the same formula that uses the time from the FIRST message sent, for not-missed chats. Yikes! The time from the last message being sent to exiting the chat, is *extremely* different from the wait time as defined below. 

    This was giving me all kinds of calculation errors and impossible situations. You can get closer to the correct answer for "Wait Time" for Missed with 

    IF [Chat completion]="Missed" THEN

    (VALUE(Chat no reply time (sec)+VALUE(Chat duration (sec))))


    VALUE(Chat first reply time (sec))
    But that still only gets you *sort of* close, the time from the first message, to the time they left, not the time they joined the chat, to the time they left. This is "good enough" for me, but it's not a perfect workaround. 
  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for posting this workaround, CJ – for visibility, would you mind posting this to our User Tips & Tricks so folks can find it via search?

  • Ramona Arora

    Hi @...- how can I find 'chat completion' in the zendesk chat API? 

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Ramona,

    I'm afraid Chat completion is not one of the explicit properties available in the Chat API. There is no specific json object or property from the API that corresponds to this attribute.

    To check for 'chat completion' as defined in the Explore attribute, you may need to look into and process the data from Incremental Chat Export. The data from Chat API includes the json object "missed" (if the value is true then Chat completion in Explore is Missed), but for the other chat completion values – Dropped, Completed and Not Engaged – they can only be pulled up based on the events from incremental exports. You may check for the property "dropped" to find Dropped chats; Completed chats will have the value of false for "dropped" and "missed"; Not Engaged refers to outbounds chats started proactively where the visitor did not respond, so they'll have the value of agent or trigger for the json object "started_by" and the "count" of messages from the visitor is 0.

    Explore is definitely the easiest route to check for 'Chat completion' at this time, but if you really need to pull up the data through API, then you can try the methods above.

    Hope this helps. Thanks Ramona!

  • Mariano Jose Brunetti


    Is there a way to get the sum of engagement reply time? I need to calculate the AVG reply time outside Explore platform therefore I need the sum, so then I can divided by the nmbr of messages. I can only see Averages reply time calculations.



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