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    Jimmy Rufo

    I have a scenario where I have several light agents who will log in to the system to submit tickets. They will see the default ticket form that any full agent sees, but that can be bad for us. I don't want a light agent picking the assignee on a ticket or any other field that I wan't restricted to just my full agents, but I still want them to go into the agent console to submit tickets and fill certain fields.

    Is there a way to restrict ticket fields by the requester's agent role?

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    Helle Buhl

    Please - it would be VERY useful to be able to restrict ticket forms to organizations or users - or both.

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    Intis Kalnins

    I'm with Jared and Rich on this. We're rolling 3 global brands into one Zendesk account and my help centre uses forms specific to my region. Because I'm forced to display the default form to the customer we now need to sync 3 separate global operations so we can all use the default.

    It also means I need to display a general (default) form to my customers instead of having them select the more specific forms I've created for each issue.

    We need an option to hide the default form from end users and another option to create default forms by brand.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Intis!

    If you're using both Multibrand and Custom Ticket Forms, you can absolutely do what you're looking for here. You can get all the details here: Creating and applying branded ticket forms.

    That should get you started!

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    Andreas Lärkfeldt

    Hello Jessie!

    About adding a specific TICKET FORM to a specific brand doesn't cut it for us.

    We have a team that is handling all of our brands (along side people only handling one brand - so it works for one of our groups), but in order to make it more simple for them we should have the option to set a DEFAULT TICKET FORM to a specific GROUP or ORGANISATION (in the PEOPLE settings). They should only be able to see a "minimized" version of the TICKET FORM administrators are seeing.

    If you need help with how this could be structured in your database then please let me know - this shouldn't be the most complex task in the world :)

    Doesn't this sound like a solid an easy request?

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    Valentino Nguyễn

    Hi, I can't see button Ticket form in my Manage, show me, how to add this button? Plz!!!

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    Gábor Nagy

    I also can' t see this button! Where it is?

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    Nicole Relyea

    Valentino & Gabor, what plan(s) are you on? This feature is available for Professional as an add-on and Enterprise. If you're on Essential or Team, that may explain why the button isn't showing up for you.

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    Hans Latour (Edited )

    Can you tell me how to install the add-on to be able to edit forms? It is not in the "Apps Marketplace". (I have the Professional Plan)

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Hans!

    Your account manager will be able to help you out with this! I see that you have a ticket open in Support about this as well...Diogo can get you in touch with your account manager!

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    @ Jessie

    I am curious if there are any plans under way to modify the Support / Agent interface...specifically the new ticket / ticket form UI.  We have a relatively high number of custom fields available to an agent as well as a handful of forms.  Having all of that condensed into the left hand sidebar makes it difficult to use and requires agents to scroll up and down to fill in info as a customer provides relevant details.  If there was a feature to slide that panel wider into a ticket form that maybe had 3 columns of fields that would be hugely beneficial.  To go a step further, if there were a way to manage the general layout of fields in this type of view that would be a huge improvement. 

    Essentially, I am wondering if ZenDesk has any plans to include a more robust form builder feature for agents within the Support interface.   This would greatly assist with ease of data collection and potentially call flow as well.  Thanks!

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey James! Sorry for the delayed response!

    To the best of my knowledge we don't have any plans to this effect, but it's a really interesting idea. I can definitely see where having the option to adjust that sidebar would be helpful.

    I did some poking around in our Product Feedback forum but wasn't able to see any other posts like this. If you're willing, it would be really helpful if you could head over there to post your suggestion and share your use case. This will give other users the opportunity to add their own votes and use cases, and it ensure that our Product Managers see your suggestion (even though they aren't always able to response, they definitely see everything!).

    Thanks James!

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    Jennifer Zou

    In my form, there are too many fields, I am wondering that is there a way to organize these fields?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Jennifer! 

    This is going to depend on what kind of fields you're using. If you're using drop-downs, you can set them up so they're nested. Otherwise, depending on the plan you're on, you could also use the Conditional Fields app.

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    Max McDaniel

    Hi there, curious is there's a way to nest form titles in the form drop down into categories (as is described here with macros).  I tried titling using the convention "Form Category::Form Name" but that didn't seem to do the trick. Thanks!

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