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A ticket form is a set of predefined ticket fields for a specific support request. You can create multiple ticket forms. For more information about creating and editing ticket forms, see Creating ticket forms to support multiple request types.

Ticket forms are available as a Professional Add-on (as part of the Productivity Pack Add-on) and on Enterprise. Administrators can create and manage ticket forms.

You manage your ticket forms from the Ticket Forms admin page.

Note: You can also change the instructions that end-users see to select a ticket form or you can link directly to a ticket form for end-users. For more information, see Presenting ticket forms to end-users.

Changing the default ticket form

If you do not create multiple ticket forms, you have one support request form that corresponds to one set of ticket fields that appear in all your tickets. This is your default ticket form. If you do not have any other active ticket forms, the default ticket form includes all of your active ticket fields, and any new, active ticket fields you create automatically appear on your default form.

If you create multiple ticket forms, then one of the forms will be set as the default. You can change the default ticket form at any time. The default form will always be visible to end-users to ensure that you have a request form to display to end users in Zendesk Support.

When you have at least two active ticket forms, new, active ticket fields you create are not automatically added to your default form; you have to manually add new ticket fields to your default form when you have multiple active forms.

To change the default ticket form
  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Ticket forms.
  2. Hover over the name of the ticket form that you'd like to make default, then select Make default.

    The new default is set.
    Note: The ticket form that was previously set as default remains visible to end-users. If you do not want that form to be visible to end-users, you can edit the form and deselect the option Form name for end-users.

Activating and deactivating ticket forms

Ticket forms are active by default and available to agents. Any active forms that you've set as visible to end-users will also be available to end-users. You can deactivate a ticket form if you do not want it to be available to agents and end-users.

Active and inactive ticket forms are grouped accordingly in the Ticket Forms admin page.

To activate or deactivate a ticket form
  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Ticket forms.
  2. Hover over the name of the ticket form you want to activate or deactivate, then select Activate or Deactivate.

    The form moves to the active or inactive section depending on the action you selected.

Adding and removing brands

Multibrand users can restrict the availability of ticket forms to specific brands. For more information, see Branded ticket forms.

Changing the order of your ticket forms

The order that ticket forms appear on the Ticket Forms admin page is also the order they appear in the drop-down list for agents in the ticket page and for end-users in Zendek Support.

To change the order of your ticket forms
  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Ticket forms.
  2. Click the name of the form you'd like to move, then drag it to a new position.

    The ticket forms appear in the new order.

  3. Repeat if you'd like to move another ticket form to a new position.

Deleting ticket forms

You can delete inactive ticket forms. If you want to delete an active ticket form, you must first deactivate the ticket form.

To delete a ticket form
  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Ticket forms.
  2. Click the name of the inactive ticket form you want to delete so that it opens in edit mode.
  3. At the bottom of the ticket form, click Delete form.

    The ticket form cannot be recovered once it is deleted.
    Note: If you don't see the delete option, make sure the ticket form is currently inactive. You cannot delete active ticket forms.

    The ticket form is removed from your list of ticket forms.

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    I have a scenario where I have several light agents who will log in to the system to submit tickets. They will see the default ticket form that any full agent sees, but that can be bad for us. I don't want a light agent picking the assignee on a ticket or any other field that I wan't restricted to just my full agents, but I still want them to go into the agent console to submit tickets and fill certain fields.

    Is there a way to restrict ticket fields by the requester's agent role?

  • 2

    Please - it would be VERY useful to be able to restrict ticket forms to organizations or users - or both.

  • 0

    I'm with Jared and Rich on this. We're rolling 3 global brands into one Zendesk account and my help centre uses forms specific to my region. Because I'm forced to display the default form to the customer we now need to sync 3 separate global operations so we can all use the default.

    It also means I need to display a general (default) form to my customers instead of having them select the more specific forms I've created for each issue.

    We need an option to hide the default form from end users and another option to create default forms by brand.

  • 0

    Hi Intis!

    If you're using both Multibrand and Custom Ticket Forms, you can absolutely do what you're looking for here. You can get all the details here: Creating and applying branded ticket forms.

    That should get you started!

  • 0

    Hello Jessie!

    About adding a specific TICKET FORM to a specific brand doesn't cut it for us.

    We have a team that is handling all of our brands (along side people only handling one brand - so it works for one of our groups), but in order to make it more simple for them we should have the option to set a DEFAULT TICKET FORM to a specific GROUP or ORGANISATION (in the PEOPLE settings). They should only be able to see a "minimized" version of the TICKET FORM administrators are seeing.

    If you need help with how this could be structured in your database then please let me know - this shouldn't be the most complex task in the world :)

    Doesn't this sound like a solid an easy request?

  • 0

    Hi, I can't see button Ticket form in my Manage, show me, how to add this button? Plz!!!

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