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    Mikael Karlsen

    Hi guys:) I've just added triggers to auto detect language as well as added dynamic content in several languages. But my problem is . All my existing users has already language (english) set. 

    Another problem I have is that the software I support - I get requests from superusers being first line support for our software - and same user (in Zendesk) sometimes forward requests in different languages (as we support in three languages). Its basically safe to autoreply in english, but we want this cutting edge vendor on the corner profile - and safe to say - I've hit the wall here. 

    So I got an idea - create an automation (or trigger) setting language BLANK (to allow auto detection each single time a ticket is received) - but that wasn't possible. 

    Could you add that to your request list? 

    I have triggers setting Norwegian if language is Norwegian, Swedish and English. So thought is  to allow Automations set language blank. You would still have to make one automation for each language, but next time customer sends a ticket (after automation is run) the detect language function would do its trick. 

    This would have solved both problems mentioned above. 

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    Giovanni De Smet

    Seems like I can't use the dynamic content in the Macro title, right?

    Or am I missing something?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Giovanni!

    Do you mean in the title of the macro itself, or do you mean setting a ticket subject, or something else?

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    Giovanni De Smet (Edited )

    Hi Jessie


    I mean the macro title.


    The dynamic content is great within the macro but I also need dynamic content in the title as well as not all of our agents are multilingual and I would like to standardize across several borders.

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    Ted Cox

    Is there a similar tool for Help Center documents?

    For example, when adding additional information to the footer of an article, I would like to add, a link to another article by using a placeholder. That way, if the title of the linked article changes, I don't have to go in an manually change the title in every article where the link appears.

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    Karen Stephen

    What @Ted Cox is asking for is what I would like to see as well.

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    Karen Stephen

    Is dynamic content available for forms? I would like to have the user be able to see the form in English only if they are seeing that language.

    Because we are bilingual, I would like the alternate language to be displayed, not the current language. Eg. if the content is being shown in English, I'd like to show Francais in the language selector. Can that be done?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Karen! I'm not totally sure I understand your question...

    If you have set your Guide up to support both English and French, your users will view your Guide in the preferred language that's set in their user profile. If no preferred language is set, it will default to English. They can also select the language they wish to view your Guide in from a drop down menu at the top of the window, near their profile picture.

    This functionality extends to the ticket forms you have in Guide. If your users are viewing your Guide in French, the form they're served through the Submit A Request link will also be in French.

    Does that answer your question? 

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    So, according to this, if I would like to do an auto reply email,  the system will recognize the local of each sender?

    We have customers all over the world and I would like to know if a customer from Brazil will send us an email he will get the an auto reply email in Portuguese (we will make the translation for each country) and if a customer from France will send us an email he will get the an auto reply email in French.
    I would like to create few auto reply emails, for each language and to be able to send automatically the proper language reply to the correct client according to his local.
    Is this possible with this feature?
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    Jessie - Community Manager

    HI Aviv! That's exactly what Dynamic Content is designed to do! Let us know if you need anything else.

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    Sergio Roitman

    Hi, I am unable to find the Admin > Dynamic content menu at my support (I have professional plan). Where can i find this item ?


    Thank you !

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Sergio - 

    It looks like this: 



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    Abdul Qabiz


    I understand that this article is about using Dynamic Content in triggers and other places in Zendesk Support. However, I would like to raise an issue related to Dynamic Content usage in Help Center templates. Please feel free to suggest a right article where I should post following.

    The Dynamic Content's implementation in Help Center templates seems to be wrong, and doesn't comply with what you suggest in this article; and probably doesn't comply with original specification of Dynamic Content. The word "default" means something, and it's not being respected in help-center templates.

    I have experienced that default variant is not used as fallback if other variants don't exist, or are active.

    Let's say I have a help-center with three languages (English, Dutch and German).

    1. I have a common phone number that I want to show to all users (of all languages).
    2. I can hard code this phone-number in template but I don't want to because it's something that should be easily changeable by support folks, hence I create a dynamic content (DC) placeholder for this number.
    3. I choose English (US) as default variant language.
    4. I modify new-request-page template and use DC
    5. I visit help-center, and it all works fine for English (US) locale

    Problem: The moment I change to Dutch or German version of help-center, I see an error being thrown in same place where I expect my phone-number to be shown. This error says that dynamic content variant for the current language doesn't exist; or something like that.

    Workaround: I create all other Dynamic Content variants and duplicate the information (a simple phone-number in this case)

    I think, it's such a waste of time and resources; and it's pain to update the phone-number because now I have to do it at three different places.

    I have raised a ticket for this, but I want to share it here so we can have discussion around it. Do you think, I am doing something wrong?

    Thank you

    Abdul Qabiz

    Team Diziana

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Abdul!

    I've pinged our Community Moderators to come weigh in on this. To the best of my knowledge, Dynamic Content is meant for use in Support, not Guide/Help Center, so maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're describing here.

  • @Jessie . DC elements are for use in the Help Center as well!  There is a slightly different syntax but it works well and is supported.

    @abdul We observe the same behavior.  The documentation says if there is no other language variant besides the default then it should display the default.  We often see that there is nothing displayed when the browser is set to other language options.  

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    Abdul Qabiz

    @Jessie: Dynamic Content is pretty useful feature, and it allows a lot of possibility -- not just adding translations for different locale, but also it's sort of storage that allows us to avoid hard-coding things in template.

    I am pretty sure the tests for Dynamic Content in Help Center theme missed the case I have mentioned earlier. The dynamic-content should fallback to default variant in absence of a variant for the current chosen language.

    @Brendan: Thank you for your comment, it really helps. I hope, Zendesk engineers are reading your and my comments, and fix -- which I think should be a simple one.


    Thank you

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