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If your Zendesk Support is configured to require users to register, each user must create an account , verify their email address, and also create a password. The password is required if they want to log in your Help Center to submit support requests, use the parts of your knowledge base that have been restricted, or to track their support requests. Until their email has been verified, their support requests remain in limbo (in other words, not added to your views and agents cannot work on them).

We recommend that your users verify their own email addresses, using the verification email they receive, so that you ensure they are who they say they are. But it's also possible for agents and admins to verify a user's email address on their behalf. Here are several instances where you may want to do that for them.

  • Testing - You may be testing your workflow and want to create a number of test users and create tickets to test automations and triggers. You can add some test users for email accounts that you own and then easily verify those new users.
  • Adding agents - Perhaps you're adding new agents to your account. Since you know that their email addresses are legitimate, you can verify them as you add them.
  • Other known users - If you need to add an end-user who's email address you know to be legitimate, you can verify them as you add them.

It's also possible to verify user email addresses when adding them via the API. For more information, see Zendesk API: Users. If you want to disable verification emails for users, see How can I disable end user verification emails? in our Support tech notes.

Resending the verification email for a user to verify their email

Ideally, you want your users to verify their own email addresses, using the verification email they receive. You can resend the verification email to an end-user if you need to. You might do this if a user has registered themselves but tells you that they haven't received the verification email.

To resend the verification email
  • In the user's profile, click the down arrow next to the users' email address and select Resend verification email.

The verification email is resent so that the user can verify their own email address.

Verifying a user's email on their behalf

Agents and admins can verify a user's email address on their behalf, if necessary. Agents can only add, and therefore verify, end-user accounts. Admins can do this for all users except the account owner.

Note: If you started using Zendesk Support on or after August 21, 2013, the options for verifying email addresses are not available until you activate your Help Center. See Activating Help Center.
To manually verify a user's email address
  1. Add the user (see Adding end-users).

    Agents can do this manually in the agent interface and admins can add users via a bulk import and using the Zendesk API.

  2. Edit the new or an existing user's profile.
  3. Click the down arrow next to the users' email address and select Verify Now.

The user's email address is immediately verified. If the user has submitted any support requests, those requests will now be added as tickets.

Creating user passwords so users can track their requests

After the user's email address has been verified, if you require users to register, as noted above, the user's support requests are not blocked and appear as tickets. If you also want your users to be able to log in to your Help Center, each user needs a password.

Like email verification, it's preferable that the user creates their own password. However, there are two ways that you can create passwords for them. You must be an administrator to use these options.

To create a password on a user's behalf
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    If I manually verify an email, as described in this article, does the user receive another email? And do they still have to go somewhere to create a password? Just wondering what the user experience is so I can support their questions.

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    Hey Laura!

    No additional email is automatically sent if you verify the user manually. If you look right below the screenshot in the article, the last paragraph in the section tells you how to manually re-send the verification email if you'd like.

    The customer will still need to create a password on their own to log in to your Help Center. They'll be prompted to do so when they try to log in for the first time.

    Administrators also have the ability to reset or set user passwords. You can find more info on that here: Managing users.

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