Setting up the Shopify integration for Support and Chat

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  • Maria del Carmen Méndez

    Hi @Darren Chan

    How can I connect this Shopify App with the domain on the multibrand Zendesk?

    In the old App on Shopify I specify the Brand Zendesk URL, however in this new App there is no way to connect them, the widget I see on the Shopify site is the main domain one. If I desactive it none Widget is show.





  • David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Maria del Carmen Méndez,

    Our current integration allows the use of the main subdomain's Web Widget.

    We're looking to allow the selection of a specific Brand's subdomain within the integration so you can select which Brand's Web Widget will be deployed on the Shopify storefront that's integrated. 

    We don't have a timeframe for that feature but I've added your feedback to this request.



  • Marcus | Merchworld

    Hi !

    1. If you have 6 different shopify stores connected, then you will end up with 6 side bar widgets.

    And you need to scroll to see if the user has a order from shop 3,4,5 & 6.

    2. If you collapse the shopify sidebar widgets, then im able to all without the need to scroll

    but no notice in collapsed mode if they user has an order in any shop.

    Will a fix be provided for this ?

  • David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Marcus | Merchworld,

    Thanks for the feedback about the sidebar apps.

    We don't currently plan to rationalise the seperate storefronts apps into a single app. I've captured your feedback as a feature request for the integration and will keep you updated if/when we decide to develop it.



  • Rachel Kucharczuk

    Is there any update on this? 

    We launched our business with our merchant support first to test out the capabilities before launching customer service through Zendesk. We recently signed up for Brands so we could support both our merchant support and our customer support. However, we do not have the ability for the widget to be the correct one on our shopify front end, which is not something we were aware of. Is there an update or any hack to fix this?


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