Viewing the Salesforce integration log

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  • Melody Quinn

    I love this functionality! It will be nice when there is more useful data in there. How do I tie the account # given in the Description column to the Zendesk organization or the Salesforce account? I have searched the UI in Zendesk, checked the reports I can download on organization data and Salesforce. What am I overlooking?

  • Mandy Major

    This is great to be able to see these logs.  One feature I'd like to see is a better UI for this.  Perhaps a timeline view where you can drill in on the success/failures to get the specific details.  It would also be nice to be able to setup an alert where you can get an email if there is a number of failures over a certain time period.  

  • Dwight Bussman

    Melody Quinn - the Account # given in those logs for account-syncing should correspond to the account's record-ID in salesforce, so for this log event:

    I can find this account-id in the URL bar of my browser when viewing a given SFDC account:
    It should also be possible to access via the API directly, or through reports filtered based on that ID

  • Mandy Major

    Another feature request on this integration.  I just discovered that our organization sync was turned off, due to a SFDC permission change.  Can we get a feature where an email goes to the user if this sync is deactivated for some reason?  Below was the error we saw on the integration.


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