Routing messaging tickets and notifications

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  • Shot Scope Support

    Hi, is it possible for the outcome of a 'Transfer to agent' in the 'Flow Builder' to be a new email ticket that populates the backlog?

    We aren't looking to have an online human chat presence but would like a bot presence. Ideally what would happen is that if the customer doesn't get the help they are looking for they can submit a request/contact form that generates an email ticket in the backlog for us to pick up.

    It seems the only type of support ticket that can be generated is a Chat ticket not a support ticket or have I got that totally wrong?

  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi there, 

    Apologies for the late response. We have introduced business hours in Flow Builder. This will enable admins to capture more information from customers, starting a conversation out of business hours. This information will passed along to a new Messaging ticket. The agents have the option to respond via messaging or email to that ticket. 

    I would also suggest checking out this capability, which sends email notification to customers for new, unread messages from the agent. 


  • Anton Verhelst

    When a messaging request comes in "A notification is broadcast to all agents, informing them that a request has been received."

    Is there any way to limit this notification (the conversations button in the upper right corner) to the agents in the group the ticket is assigned to? Now all agents see there is an incoming message, even when it is not in their group. They can select it but the get the notification they don't have the rights to view it and that's it.

  • Anton Verhelst

    Hi, I found the answer to my question, maybe this could be added to the article:

    in order to make assigned routing work you should also enable the chat department.

  • Jeremy Watkin

    Anton Verhelst can you explain in more detail how you solved this problem? I too find that messaging and social conversations broadcast to all agents even if they aren't assigned to those groups and I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to limit this. Thank you!

  • Anton Verhelst

    Jeremy Watkin

    These are the steps I've taken:

    In the Chat Dashboard, go to Settings > Departments and enable the teams that should be able to receive the incoming messages.

    Next go to Settings > Routing and select Assigned.

    Then I created triggers for the specific channels to assign to the correct groups.

    Example: FB Messenger should go to the Social Media Team (group in Support)

    1. enable chat for Social Media Team in Chat dashboard
    2. Set routing in Chat dashboard to Assigned
    3. create trigger with conditions "ticket is created" and "channels is FB Messenger" and set action to "Group is Social Media Team"

    Make sure your agents are chat agents of course.

    This worked for me, I hope it helps you as well!

  • Jeremy Watkin

    Thank you so much Anton Verhelst! This is a wonderful improvement.

  • Denise Sehlmeyer

    ok, so I'm trying to create a routing trigger within Agent Workspace for messaging, and I do not have the option of just Channel as shown in your screenshots.  We have Channel Type but that doesn't seem to work for routing messaging tickets. 

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Denise,

    Let me create a ticket so that we can investigate further on this. You'll receive an email shortly. Thanks!
  • Hayley Johnson

    Looking for some advice 

    I am using omni channel to distribute all of our tickets to the relevant group based on SLA / priority of the ticket. 

    I am also using flowbuilder to increase self service. When we use the 'transfer to agent' option in flow builder the ticket has a trigger to set the SLA for 2 minutes for a live chat and 8 hours if its something that is less urgent. 

    However, because all tickets are coming in via the messenger channel, the message still appears as a new live chat conversation regardless of the SLA that is set. This means I have agents picking up tickets immediately that should be queued for 8 hours which is causing older tickets to go out of SLA. Any advice will be appreciated! 

  • Bobby Koch

    How can we utilize organizaiton data to route messages?

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Bobby,
    You can create a trigger and use the Organization name or Organization custom field as the condition to route messages from a specific organization to the respective group. 
    Here's an example of trigger conditions and action:

    For more information, you can also visit the article Recipe: Routing messaging tickets using Support triggers.
    Hope this helps!
  • Hayley Johnson

    Is it possible to turn this functionality off when using Omnichannel? 

    Inactive messages in omnichannel routing

    An inactive messaging ticket (more than 10 minutes without a reply) is automatically assigned to an agent with spare capacity on a round robin basis. It won’t use up any of that capacity.

    Once an agent comes online, assuming they are not at max capacity, they will be automatically assigned an inactive message from the queue without needing to accept it. If there are several inactive messages in the queue, then the first agent online in the group will be assigned them all. If more than one agent comes online at the same time, the inactive tickets are assigned starting with the agent who’s gone the longest without any messages.


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