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  • Noël Brune

    First sorry for my english.

    I’m working on the forms for my site’s help center.
    The forms are used to direct the customer’s ticket to the corresponding business support.
    We have 10 different business. That’s 10 forms.

    Do you know if this list can be conditioned to fields of the Ticket Requester’s Organization please ?

    Let me explain this:
    The Organization carries the contracts of the client. There may be between 1 and 10 of the hundreds possible. It also determines the client’s business, between 1 and 5.
    In short such contracts correspond to such forms.

    I do not want to list all trades ( 10 forms) for each customer. I would like to list only five forms for a requester.
    What would be the best method to do that please ?


  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Noel,

    I'm afraid there isn't a way to do this natively within Zendesk. I think you'd have to build a custom script to authenticate the user, look up their Organization, compile a list of the ticket forms you want to present them with, and then allow them to choose and complete the form they want to use. I think the most we can do it to point you to our API documentation or if you don't have developer resources available, suggest you inquire with one of our Zendesk Partners who may be able to assist.


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