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  • Kate Johnston

    Just wanted to clarify, based on this information, that in using the knowledge capture tool to link articles to customer tickets we can essentially track issues that could have been self-serviced but weren't, correct? Along for content improvements, of course. 

  • Jim
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Kate!

    Technically yes, that would be correct. But if you're looking for a report, in order for you to track those; then you may use the documentation below as reference.

    Analyzing your Knowledge Capture activity

    Explore recipe: Analyzing Knowledge Capture activity


  • Mary Jane Reese

    when I go to the Search tab, I see the search stats for 'no clicks' and 'no results'.  when I run the CSV from the top of that page, the data doesn't match.  Several of the responses don't show on the CSV but they are on the list on in the reported data on that page.

  • Christophe Tiraboschi
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Mary Jane Reese,

    Since you posted, we made available a search dashboard and a search dataset. You can find more information about this in the following article

    We recommend using it. 

    However, if the issue you encountered is about results before October 15, 2021 (that are not in Explore), please let me know so I can open a ticket on your behalf to investigate further.

  • Lance Gu

    The picture disappeared shortly after uploading the guide, it's very weird

  • Geerten

    hi Christophe. About the search dashboard. On the helpcenter (of it says I have 0.0% clickthroughrate. Google analytics tells a different story. Any clue why this is happening?

    The mobile SDK is showing figures on the CTR.

  • Christophe Tiraboschi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Geerten,
    I am going to open a ticket with you so we can investigate this further.
    You will receive an email shortly.

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