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  • Korak Purkayastha


    It appears that if we link any external content to a ticket using Knowledge section, a KnowledgeLinked event is not reflected in ticket audits. Is this an expected behaviour?


  • Tetiana Gron
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Korak Purkayastha,

    Yes, it is expected. Linking events are not reflected in the ticket audits. We are planning to reevaluate this at the later point. 

  • Korak Purkayastha

    Hi Tetiana Gron,

    I appreciate your response. We want to report on linked external content in tickets. Today, we can only link them, but can't report on them. So, it's not very helpful. Is there any timeline on when Zendesk will reevaluate this? Thanks.

  • Damien Messe

    Hello, when searching for an article, the Help Centre corresponding to the Brand of the ticket is selected by default.

    On our side, we have an internal knowledge base that is hosted on a separate Brand.

    How can we set it up as the default Help Centre for knowledge search so agent can quickly search in it and not on our public Help Centre ? 


  • Jeff C
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Damien,

    There are currently plans to have the filters in the Knowledge section be customizable or to have an option which ones to set by default. I am not able to share any concrete timelines as to when this feature will be released but rest assured that our product teams are aware of this current feature limitation.

    For the meantime, we would suggest that you follow our Announcements section be notified of new product updates/releases.


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