Adding the Slack Direct Messages channel

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  • Christopher Wooten

    Set this up on one of my channels but it does not do any workflow when people @mention me on the channel. Does it not work in a specific Channel?


  • justin

    Seems like this really needs to support threading to be effective? Nobody wants a whole channel of back and forths for one issue? 

  • Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi justin,

    Thank you for reaching out, Slack Direct Message currently supports direct message support and not channels, this is something we are looking at in the future. As direct messages are normally on 1:1 bases, this solution would not have the noise of a whole channel.

    In the future when we look at channel support we will be looking at how to manage the noise level and also be supporting threads. 

    Please feel free to sign up for the EAP and provide more feedback on the current solution.

  • Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    HI Christopher Wooten

    Thanks for signing up for the EAP and using the solution.

    Your feedback has been amazing so far. I know we spoke about this in email so wanted to bubble a response up here in case other users had these questions as well.

    We will be looking at better channel support in the future, but at the moment we have been focused on the direct message and will build out the solution and more features that will benefit the whole community, we really look forward to working with you on this functionality and making it a awesome feature for all. 

  • Stanley

    Hi Chris Drylie


    Will this feature allow you to have a side conversation with a specific slack user rather than a Slack Channel.

    We want to be able to use Slack to send Side Conversations to specific individuals

  • Étienne Cantin


    While not as efficient and as a workaround, you can always @mention a user using their slack memberID if you want to send a direct message from a Zendesk side-conversation.

  • Raphaël Péguet


    I tried to set up an automatic for slack direct messages response by:

    - chat triggers

    - public comment

    Both of them didn't work, is it normal?


    Best regards!


  • Ahmed Zaid


    In a multiband instance, adding slack channel option greys out after adding a workspace for a brand. Is there a limitation of one channel per instance?


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