Announcing custom ticket statuses

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  • Alan Byrne

    Will this rollout include ZAF support to manipulate custom statuses in the same way we can manipulate system statuses?

  • Tobias Hermanns


    Is there a way to modify the color of red, it overlaps too much with SLA red, and our Agents are confused that "red open" now means "SLA breach".



  • Frits van Dee

    Similar to the comment by Tobias Hermanns,

    Would it be possible to only show the little indication block for the status in the view, like with the original Ticket Status, instead of showing the custom status description.

    It is confusing as it is similar to the SLA column and it takes quite a bit of the screen estate (less space for the other columns)

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Yeah, I just clicked activated, and now the wording is fully displayed. 

    I mean, it´s fine for custom status, but especially for "Open" with red, it´s annoying.

    My workaround is currently to put ID and Priority in the column first, then show SLA to have some space in between.


  • Ole Dyring

    Will this have an effect on the Community Posts status options? Or are these still limited to five options?

  • Tobias Hermanns

    workaround for me:

    Creating Dynamic Content with "English only" and the letters O, P, H, N, S

    Add these placeholders and replace the default zd placeholder for Agents.

    The views looking much better now after this :)


  • Tobias Hermanns

    Workaround not working, as placeholder is also updating the "Submit Button" and here we want to see not the "short" version.

    May you can add a DC for Submit Button too?

  • Josh

    Really frustrating it's not working for non-agent workspace customers. We don't like the new interface and can't take advantage of this apparently.

  • Martin Bell

    Love this feature!

    Is it possible to limit status values based on group membership?  Or are these global changes to our domain? 

  • Amie Brennan

    When will the ability to be able to re-order custom ticket statuses be available? 

  • We need to check a duration of custom status time, how we can do it?  There is no such metric in Explore Support Updates History dataset.  

  • Zsa Trias
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Anastasia,

    At the moment, we can only report on custom ticket statuses in the Tickets dataset where updates/events which includes custom ticket status changes/durations are not included.

    As a workaround, may we suggest setting up a trigger to have a matching custom drop-down field with the custom status so you can report these values in the Updates History dataset?
    Reference: Explore recipe: Reporting on the duration of fields

  • Sydney Neubauer

    For existing Explore reports that are already looking at status, will they need to be updated? 

    ie. It will show the custom ticket status name, the category or does the current report no longer use the status attribute that it was using previously? 

  • Chai T.
    Hi Sydney, 
    For Explore reports which you need to showcase data on your specific custom agent status, yes they need to be updated.
    You may look into an example Explore report here for reference. 
    Since you have just added those custom agent statuses, we need to update your Explore report which will showcase these new statuses. 

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