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  • Dan Bowden
    This is more a request for what I wish you could do with triggers - maybe someone has some ideas about how we could do this, with the current feature set?
    What would make triggers more powerful, and more efficient to manage, would be to add an option for more advanced conditions.
    For example, currently you can do something like this:
    IF <this> AND <this> AND <this> AND (<this> OR <this> OR <this>) THEN...
    We would love to be able to do this:
    IF <this> AND <this> AND (<this> OR <this>) AND (<this> OR <this> OR <this>) THEN...
    I'm sure one of the focuses for triggers is to keep them simple to use.
    I think adding an 'advanced conditions' button, that then allowed users to add multiple ANY conditions, a bit like this would work:
    I'm sure it's not a small change in the back end for Zendesk, but it would make consolidating, and managing our long list of Triggers much more efficient!
  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dan! Ideas and feature requests should be posted to the Support Product Feedback topic

  • Dan Bowden

    Cool - I've already raised this as a feature request actually.  

    I just thought I'd post it here as well, in case anyone had any ideas about how to do something similar with the current feature set.

  • Lee Burkhill

    Hi everyone!

    We use a custom ticket field to pull through phone numbers from our bespoke contact us page.

    I want to make a trigger that 'updates' the phone number for the user profile depending on whatever is in this field.

    Does anyone know how I can do that? I feel like it would need to use an extension target.. but any ideas would be really appreciated!

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Lee,

    Awesome question!

    This Trigger is a little more complex and will require you to create a Target as you mentioned. You could possibly use some Liquid Markup in your newly created Target to capture that phone data from the ticket that was just generated.

    To update the users profile after you've obtained the phone number, you'd need to make an API call directly to that user. 

    The Trigger itself would be used to notify the Target you've created using similar conditions as shown below:

    My knowledge with regards to the API and Liquid Markup is rather limited but hopefully the above is enough to get you started!

  • Max McDaniel

    Hey @Dan, I agree with your assessment that complex log would be very helpful. We used a workaround to accomplish something similar, I believe, by creating a second set of triggers which applies a second tag, then used "contains at least one of" condition to specify the [AND (xxxxxxx OR zzzzzzz)] part of your statement above. 


    For example: 

    - Ticket > is > created

    - Group > is > Customer Support

    - Tags > contain at least one of > "brand_x" "brand_z"

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing Max!!


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