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  • Fra Lowe

    @... I'm evaluating Zendesk as an Internal Help Desk. My team of 9 handles queries from 25+ departments, with 9000+ employees. Our customers or end-users are all internal employees with a single domain name

    How can we organise the tickets that come in, and recognise which department the ticket is from? We will only have one Group of agents (my team).

    How can I ensure that tickets from a single department (eg. Sales) are grouped together, so I can view the historical tickets in the future and not lose context?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Fra,

    Excellent question!

    You have a couple of options that will help with grouping your tickets: 

    1. Set up a separate support address for each of department you support in your Zendesk account. This would allow for you to create multiple views based on the support address the ticket is originating from. I've attached a sample view for you below from my test account: 


    2. Your other option would be to create multiple ticket forms so each of your departments has a ticket form they can submit requests through. This would give you more control over what information is provided to your agents once the ticket has been submitted which can help reduce the back and forth between customer and agent.

    Once these forms are created, your internal users can access them from your Help Center new request page. The URL will be https://(your subdomain).zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new or they can select the Submit a Request button towards the top right of your Help Center. I've attached a screenshot of what this would look like once you have multiple forms set up: 

    Once that's all taken care of, you can create a view for each of your departments based on the Ticket Form the request came in from. Similar to the screenshot I shared above but instead you'll use the Ticket Form condition. 

    The two above options will be the easiest method for grouping your tickets by department but if that's not quite what you're looking for please let me know.



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