Adding support addresses for users to submit tickets

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  • Scott

    It would be really nice to have the ability to tie an address to a group so that the address is updated when the group is updated. i.e. Customer sends something to support@, but it really was an accounting issue. When moved to the accounting group we should now be notifying them from accounting@domain instead of support@domain. I can see where some people might not want this, but we should be able to at least set this as part of a trigger. i.e. Trigger would have group x use email address x.

    We also need this when starting an email since the accounting group might need to send a new message to someone and it makes no sense for that to come from a support address.

  • Paul Middleton

    @Scott - totally agree. This is a major shortcoming. I have multiple support addresses set up (customerservice@, marketing@, ithelpdesk@) all of which are associated with different groups of individuals within the business. To have everyone creating tickets under the default, and no subsequent way of changing that, is highly limiting.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey guys!

    While it's not possible to tie a Support Address to a specific group the way you're describing, we do have an app that could be a good solution for the problem you're encountering. You can find more information about that here: Select an Address.

    Bear in mind that this is one of our Zendesk Labs apps, which means it isn't officially supported. But it should get you where you need to go! Hopefully that helps!

  • Scott

    Jessie, While I'm glad to see there has been an attempt at allowing us to control the email address, this attempt isn't usable in macros, etc, so it is essentially useless. We have a situation where our agents are creating a lot of tickets on behalf of end users and changing the from address via additional apps is not really a suitable workaround.

  • Paul Middleton

    Scott is correct. Changing the email address after you've already sent a default message, or adjusting your whole workflow to introduce what is essentially a workaround, is not worthwhile for such a fundamental function of the software.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey guys!

    I'd encourage you to post this feedback in our Product Feedback Forum. Our Product Managers take customer suggestions into consideration when planning our roadmap, and this kind of feedback really helps them to understand how people are using Zendesk.

    I was able to find a couple of posts related to what you're talking about here, but this is the one that I think is most relevant: Change sender address when creating a NEW ticket on behalf of the requester. Our Product Managers see all of these posts and comments, so be sure to add your vote and detailed use case.

  • Emiliano

    Thank you for this post. Very helpful.

    Something is not too clear to me.

    When I opened my Zendesk account I created an admin with the main support email address I will be using. In my case
    This causes the same error someone else posted here "Email is in use by a user. Remove it from the user before adding it here" when I tried to add that address as a support address.

    To bypass this issue i changed the admin email address to my personal email, however i noticed that all the LiveChat offline messages (the ones sent when no users are online) are sent to the admin email address.
    Wouldn t it be best if our Zopim Chat is linked to our Support Address rather than the Admin Address?


  • Matt Hoffman

    @Emiliano -
    Looks like you figured out your issue with your new support address, but just to clarify - an email address can be used for either a user or a support address, but not both.
    As to the second point - take a look at this article from our friends at Zopim:
    You can change your log in email on your dashboard: Just click on the "Change your login email address" link below your current Login Email or you can just do it here directly:

    I hope this helps! If you have any questions just contact us at

  • Wilfred Kaw

    For those who encounter issues when adding a forwarding from an external email address within Microsoft Exchange, here's a helpful article to view: [NOTE: It's possible that you may need to uncheck the box in the Exchange Server properties for the account which required senders to be authenticated]

  • Paul


    When i want to add a second email address i can open the add address dropdown but none of the 3 options are working. Any ideas?


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Paul!

    Can you elaborate on what's not working? Are the options greyed out?

  • Travis Fishbein

    Hey there!

    I'd like to ask for some clarity on a point above, under the Adding an External Support Address header:

    "It is not recommended that you use a distribution group email or an email alias as an external support address."

    One of our current workflow is to setup forwarding within a Google group distro. Why is this not recommended?


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Travis!

    Do you mean that emails sent to this distribution list will be automatically forwarded into Zendesk to create tickets? Or are you just wanting to set it up so that emails can be manually forwarded from that group?

  • Amber


    Why is it not possible to delete a Gmail connector email address?

    We've transferred management of our Gmail connector address to a different party so it needs to be disconnected from our Zendesk as we will no longer be managing it. How can I make sure this happens correctly?


    Kind regards,


  • Jessie Schutz

    Welcome to the Community, Amber!

    We have a Tech Note that outlines how to switch from the Gmail connector to support email forwarding, which you can find here. That should get you where you need to go, but if you're still stuck let us know and we'll see what we can do!

  • Ernie


    Is it possible to use a non-default external address as the reply from address for requests submitted by form? I have two forms and would like the reply from each form to come from different email addresses.

  • Holly

    Hi Ernie!

    Replies to tickets created through a channel other than email (a ticket form, in this case) will be sent from your default support address. 

    There's not a way to change this behavior natively, but you can use the Select an Address app to change which email address sends out a reply. You can find more information on this here. Hope this helps!

  • Jochen Frey


    We have been using a "gmail Group" as support email address (i.e., which we have been forwarding to the The forwarding is working fine.

    I now want to add this address (i.e. as support address as per this article.

    I am following instructions above:
    * add external address
    * I do NOT use "Do you use G-Suite" (because it's a group and not an email inbox, so there is no sign-in for
    * I enter "" in the "Enter current support address" field
    * I get to the "Set up email forwarding" dialog and press "NEXT" since I've already done this for the group (see above), and it's been working for many months

    And this is where things fail with the message: "Please make sure you’ve updated your Gmail settings by following the steps above."

    Please help!

    I have since found this article which explains non-obvious solution:

  • Justin Smith

    Hey Jochen!

    Justin here from the advocacy team. You mentioned in the message that you're attempting to use a Google Group to forward in tickets, rather than use a dedicated inbox. Google Groups are actually not a supported workflow for email forwarding with Zendesk as issues like this one are known to crop up. We do have a doc with more information on the Google group routing process that you can reference below, but know that the information listed there is for instructional purposes only.

    If you do end up using a normal inbox and are still running into this issue, I would recommend submitting a ticket to along with your account subdomain so us agents can take a closer look and assist.

    Have a great day!

    From your friendly Zendesk customer support Hero - The Fastest Way to Great Customer Support

    Justin Smith | Tier 1 Senior Customer Advocate |
    Zendesk | +1 (888) 670-4887


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