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  • Diego Garcia

    Hi Zendesk Team, 

    According to SEO best practices, just one H1 header should appear on each page. (For article purposes that H1 should be the Article Title and that is assigned in the template article.hbs)

    The editor toolbar allows anyone to put 1 and more H1 headers. There is a way to remove H1 from the headers options in the dropdown list?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Diego –

    That's a really good point. For visibility, would you mind posting to our Feedback on Guide topic, using this template to format your post? That way our product team will see it, and other users can upvote and/or add their own comments to it. Thanks!

  • Prerana Gupta

    Hi Zendesk Team,

    Is there a way to have a customized content template for all the existing Knowledge base articles? For instance, headings and sub-headings having different font sizes and colors....

    We want to update all existing articles with a standard global template...


  • Kenneth Nuckols

    Is there a way to do "split-window" html editing in Guide?

    Because everything that renders in Zendesk is governed by templates and style sheets, it would be really handy to split the article editing window into a WYSIWYG and an HTML window (instead of one or the other) and see how your edits are rendered in place with in real time. Swapping back and forth is a pain because it always goes to the top of the page and you have to scroll down if you are making a change to a piece of code in a table or a list, or if you tweaking an image tag, etc. 

  • Annie Baker

    Hey Zendesk, 

    I see that you can change the color of text but is there a way to highlight the text? When you are looking to bring attention to information I find it easier to read text that is highlighted instead of colored font. It could also cause issues for customers that have vision impairments such as color blindness. 

    Thank you

  • Joel Sandi

    One ubiquitous and critical button in pretty much all other WYSIWYG tool bars is confoundingly missing here: clear formatting. Since so much of our documentation starts elsewhere for necessary collaboration -- especially Google Docs -- it is incredibly tedious to have to deal with this in html to remove carryover artifacts when something is directly pasted over (which is of course super common).

  • F. Keijmes

    Hi all, are you planning to add more toolbar actions to the Content Block editor?
    We're looking for adding pictures and tables (also possibly video) to the content blocks, which is currently not possible.
    You then could create content blocks as nice looking headers and footers for articles.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Fran,
    For the best visibility to our product team, would you mind posting your feedback to our Feedback - Help Center (Guide) topic, using this template? Thanks!

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