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  • Shannon Lewis

    The pop-up seems to be causing quite a bit of confusion with our customers.  Since we have switched to the webform, over half of our customers who have clicked "Yes, close my request" didn't understand and/or mean to do it.  The article they read did not answer their question.  They then have to submit a second ticket and we get a bad customer satisfaction rating because we didn't answer their question before closing the ticket.

    I realize that "Yes, close my request" might seem obvious that if you click it you are saying that the article helped you and to close the request, but given the data I am seeing it's not.  If I had to guess I would say folks just see the black button and think it's closing the pop-up and not their ticket.

    Given this, is there any way to change the text in the button or add text telling them to only click close if the article fully answers their question. (Or something like this.)

    Are you seeing others with this problem?

    I wanted to turn this pop-up off and have answerbot provide answers in the trigger we set up to reply to the requester when the ticket is created, but this doesn't seem to work, answerbot doesn't provide any suggested articles.



  • Justin

    +1 I'm wondering the same thing as Shannon. We're noticing a lot of people are possibly closing their request via web form unintentionally, then they follow up and ask why we never responded. Is there any way to customize the copy on the pop-up/overlay? 

  • Mirjam Happel

    I have the exact same problem as Shannon as well. It would be really great if we could customize the text on the screen and buttons as we refer to requests as "Tickets" and are not connecting the dots. They are using the button thinking it is close the window. 

    Maybe simply changing the button with "Not Helpful" to "No, close window", would help suffice as well. 

    It is a huge problem for us and we may even decide to stop using Answer Bot because of this.


  • SeanR

    It would be nice if we could key off of this event in triggers and send them a message like; "It looks like you have set your ticket to solved by choosing a relevant article. We are glad you were able to find a resolution. However, if closing the ticket was not your goal, please reply to this email and let us know. We will be happy to help"


    Now I know that people who have proven that they do not read will probably not read, but this will give a path back and some CYA.



  • Nick B

    I agree with the others above - this is a simple change but it has a big impact, the call to action button to mark the ticket as solved is far too strong. We've had a few cases where customers have closed their ticket thinking they were just closing the window, then have followed up to query why we didn't respond. A simple change to CSS styling on those buttons is all that's needed.

  • Molly Katolas

    I created a product feedback post here regarding this exact thing. We're running into the same issue where our customers are closing the ticket without meaning to. Go upvote/follow and hopefully we can get some traction with Zendesk on it.

    I wish I could get our customers to just pay more attention, but unfortunately, that's a pretty big lift :)

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Thanks so much for sharing your feedback Molly and sharing your post here for visibility :)



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