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    Vassilios Lourdas (Edited )

    Hi, very good article! I have however a question concerning the 

    Requester: Language Returns the language preference of the person who submitted the request.

    What does actually see as language? The language that is set in the user account? What if the user does not have an account and sends an email, which is converted to a ticket? Does Zendesk read the content of the message and identifies the language automatically?


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    I would love to understand what Vassilios is asking. I'm currently trying to set up triggers for languages for Answer Bot and the trigger for Notify Request received are not firing.

    What would be the best practice to set up a trigger for multi-language support? 


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    Vassilios Lourdas

    Hello @mariliam, my question is if Zendesk identifies the language of a support ticket that has come via email. E.g the user who has sent an email and has been converted to a ticket has in his account as language 'English'. However, the email that he sent and has been converted to a ticket is in another language, e.g. Greek. Will Zendesk identify Greek, or will it simply consider it as English?

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