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You can add custom fields for tickets, users, and organizations.

Note: Custom user and organization fields are not available on the Essential plan.

For more information about creating custom fields, see the following articles:

The following tables details the types of custom fields you can add.


Table 1. Custom field types
Types Description
Drop-down list This field allows you to create a list of options for users to select. Each option in the custom field is a combination of a title and a tag. The title is displayed to users and the tag is used as a ticket property that can be included in triggers and other business rules. You can select which field appears as the default option in the drop-down menu using the Default checkboxes, or choose to not display a field value as a default by leaving all Default checkboxes blank.

You can also organize drop-down list options into categories (see Organizing drop-down list options).

Text This is a simple single line text input.

Multi-line text This is a multiple line text input.

Numeric This is for simple numeric input (no decimals).

Decimal This is for numbers that contain decimals.

Checkbox This is used to capture a Yes/No value. Enter a tag to be added to the ticket when the checkbox is selected. Use the tag to filter your views, triggers and automations.

Date Custom date fields allow your users to select a date from a date picker. Users can choose the current date or any date in the past or future.

Community tip! Colin shows how to use custom date fields to set reminders for on-hold tickets. Check it out in our community forums.

Credit card number This field allows users to enter a credit card number in a secure, PCI compliant manner. Only the last four digits are visible to agents and stored by Zendesk.

Regular expression You can enter a Ruby regular expression to create an input mask to validate proper entry of numbers in fixed patterns (telephone numbers, zip codes, social security numbers, etc).

Here's a regular expression for a U.S. social security number: \b[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{4}\b. This expression requires three sets of numbers (0-9 only) in a pattern of 3-2-4 and each separated by a dash. For more information about Ruby regular expressions, see Rubular.


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  • 0

    Is there a way to pull a custom numeric field, which is used as a reference number, into a GoodData report?

  • 0

    What is the default max character length for both the Text field and Multi-Line Text field?

    Edited by Ash
  • 0

    Hi Ash!

    There isn't really one cut-and-dried answer to this question, and our recommendation is going to vary depending on what your use case is. I'm going to open a ticket for you so we can get some more information on this!

  • 2

    Please add additional input types for 'email', 'tel' and allow for us to add additional HTML attributes such as maxlength, minlength, spellcheck, autocorrect.

    We can add and change input types and add additional HTML attributes by using jQuery for the customer-facing ticket forms but it's not possible to do this with the Agent view.

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    @Giovanni. You can achieve some of this with the regular expression field type. Have you looked at this one?

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    @Jennifer - If I want to use one of my custom fields in my actions ("Perform these actions:") how do I edit the list? I want to add a custom field that I can change via macro.

  • 0

    Hey Evan!

    The only custom fields that can be used in macros are drop down fields or check boxes. Free text fields unfortunately can't be used. But, as long as the fields you want to use in the macro are drop downs or check boxes, the field name will appear in the actions drop down when you're building your macro.

    Hope that helps!

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    What is Length of Text vs Multiple-Line text? 

    Also I saw that text field it's possible to find in the GoodData, but I can't find Multiple-line field. 

  • 0

    Hi Mindaugas! There isn't a black-and-white answer to the length restriction on these fields, so I'm going to pull our conversation into a Support ticket, where we can discuss a bit further. 

    Multi-line text fields are not synced to GoodData at all, unfortunately - more on that here

  • 0

    Thank you

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    Is it possible to add a custom numeric field, which we use as a reference number, into a GoodData report? We do not need the sum of this number, we need the actual value to show up in the report.
  • 0

    Hey Susie! In that case, I'd recommend using a single-line text field. Single-line text fields are synced to GoodData as Attributes (whereas numeric fields are synced as Facts, and must be aggregated). For anyone curious, more on how custom fields are synced to Insights can be found here: Reporting on custom fields in Insights

  • 0

    Thanks Madison, but I have just been told that we need both... value and sum of the values.. is that possible?

    My manager wants to set up a couple Value/Velocity reports:
    -  One showing current Value [customer numeric field] distribution and total for open tickets
    -  One showing Velocity for last seven days for tickets where action was taken. Velocity is the sum of all the Value assignments.

    Edited by Susie
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    We have a custom ID field created as numeric for our CRM integration. Turns out this was a mistake as we have some IDs containing alpha-numeric combination. Is there a way to change the type of the field?

  • 0


    I'm sorry to be the bearer of not-so-awesome news, but there is no way to edit or change a field type - the only way would be to create a new field and use that instead of the numeric field - I am sorry! 

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    I was wondering was it possible to create a dropdown box on an Organisation, that contains a list of the agents we currently have?


  • 0

    Hey Stephen!

    You can do this by adding a custom field, but you'll need to add each agent to the list manually. Can you give me some more information on what you're trying to accomplish by doing this? Maybe we can come up with something better.

  • 0

    Hi Jessie,

    Each of our customers have an Account Manager and Technical Architect assigned to monitor the status of the project. We would like to have a field on the customers organisation page for both of these fields.

    If possible, I would like to be able to populate this with our pre-existing agents and then have a trigger setup to automatically cc the Account Manager and Technical Architect on any incoming tickets. Currently, we have individual triggers for every organisation we create. This would cut down on the number of triggers we would need.

    Is this something that would be possible?

    Best regards,


  • 0

    Has there been any updates to Stephen's question? We have the exact same issue and I have dozens of triggers to CC agents to tickets. Having the ability to assign these agents to the organization would allow me to use a single trigger to set these values and all I would need to do to update who receives the updates is to update the fields on the Org.

    This should work like the "User-Picker" in Jira.




    Ted Nieblas

  • 0

    Hi Steven and Ted - 

    At this time, org and user fields are not able automatically populate a list of agents in your Zendesk; this would need to be created and maintained manually. Sadly, there is likely not a better method beyond triggers to add agent CC's with default functionality. 

    You could possibly add the agent to the organizations and setup the agent to be able to see all organization tickets. They could then go into Help Center and follow all organization tickets to get automatically emailed about all org tickets if you are on a plan that includes the help center end-user portal. 

    Here's the setting in the user profile: 

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