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  • Wondering if this can be done (or anyone has a solution to this)

    I have multiple lines


    When an inbound call is received at a particular line (Zendesk phone number) and the 'call' ticket is created or 'popped' I want that 'popped' ticket to have the correct form associated with that Zendesk line (number) already selected for the agents.


    1. Call to +61 3 555 5555
    2. Call accepted by agent
    3. Call ticket 'created' (or 'popped')
    4. Appropriate form is already selected based on the Zendesk line (number) that the call is received at

    From my investigation there is no way to 'id and workflow' an incoming call ticket from the specific incoming line (number). Is that true?

    Would love to know if anyone has a solution. This would help our use case quite a bit.


  • Mackenzie Tyler
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Chad! Apologies for the delay here.

    To set a form at the time of ticket creation based on the Talk number, we recommend leveraging the 'Comment Text' condition in a trigger. When a Talk ticket is created, the ticket description includes a "Call to: ###" string by default. Use this string in the trigger condition to identify these tickets, then add an Action to the trigger to set the desired form. You'll need to create separate triggers for each unique form you'd like to set based on the Talk number.

    You can find some helpful visuals to configure this trigger workflow in this article: Can I route Talk tickets based on the received number?

  • Kaylin Bailey

    What is the easiest way for me to add a tag to all phone calls (not just voicemails)? 

  • Brandon Tidd
    User Group Leader Community Moderator
    The Humblident Award - 2021

    Hi @... -

    Sorry for the delay here.

    Generally speaking, having a Trigger that looks for the conditions

    Ticket is Created
    Channel is Voice


    Add Tag: phone_call

    I'm curious as to your use case here, as you may be able to leverage tools like channel in place of tags (especially when looking at Explore).

    Hope this helps!

    Brandon Tidd
    729 Solutions

  • Emma Nightingale

    Is there a setting so that agents can see call recordings but customers can not?

  • Brandon Tidd
    User Group Leader Community Moderator
    The Humblident Award - 2021

    Hi @...

    This toggle should set you straight.
    You can find it under Settings > Talk.

    Hope this helps!


  • Emma Nightingale

    Thanks Brandon, 


    So if this is unchecked my customers can not see the calls?

  • Brandon Tidd
    User Group Leader Community Moderator
    The Humblident Award - 2021

    @... - 

    A ticket will still be created that could potentially send a notification to the customer, but the recording itself will not be available to end-users accounts.

  • Morten Frisch


    I am trying to adjust our business logic so that the Ticket Form used for ticket creation is chosen based on which Group routing is done in our TALK IVR.

    Today all incoming calls, regardless of which department they are routed to, uses the same Ticket form, which is less than optimal.

    A trigger would look like this:
    Ticket is Created
    Channel is Phone Call (incoming)
    Call IVR destnation is XX
    Form is YY
    Group is ZZ

    For some reason, the Call IVR destination is not an option in triggers. Any other way to achieve this?


    Best regards,

    Morten Frisch



  • DJ Buenavista Jr.
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Morten,
    Thank you for reaching out to Zendesk Support.
    In regards to your concern, the default ticket form would be selected automatically for tickets that were created from Talk. If you wanted to change the following ticket fields that will be shown in the created tickets from Talk, you can create your own ticket form and add your preferred ticket fields in there and select it as the default ticket form.
    You can do that by going to the Support page, go to Admin > under Manage, select Ticket forms. From here you can also create the new ticket form and manage which ticket fields should be added, and after that click on the 3 dots and select "Make Default" to add it as your default ticket form.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead!
    Kind regards,
  • Administrateur -


    Help indicates that

    The name of the person who made the call and the person who answered the call.

    In my case, the Field is empty


    Could you please tell me what is the missing parameter or if there is an explanation ?



  • Brandon Tidd
    User Group Leader Community Moderator
    The Humblident Award - 2021

    Hi Administrateur -

    Is it possible that the caller either hung up, abandoned or left voicemail?  This type of call would not have been answered.


  • Chris Wisialowski

    Something our team has been facing more and more frequently lately is a failure to auto create tickets. We use the Five9 Adapter and until very recently every ticket was auto-created as the call commenced. However, now it's inconsistent and seemingly happening at random to agents. This is causing some missed information on the ticket. 

    Is there a scenario where if an agent answers the call and has a connection with an enduser where the ticket should not be auto-created? 

  • Widson Reis
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Chris,

    The rules for creating tickets when the agent answers the call are configured on Five9 adapter. Unless this configuration has been changed you shouldn't be seeing anything different.

    However, if the behaviour is intermittent as you say, it could be that the API calls from Five9 are timing-out due to network issues. My recommendation is that you bring the problem to Five9 Support so they can investigate and ask for our help if necessary.

    Product Manager

  • Roque Leo Medalla

    Is there a way we can modify the ticket subject for incoming calls to reflect what IVR option the customer selected? Right now it just shows "Phone call from: (requester phone number or name). It would really be of big help if we know which IVR option they pressed. Example. "Sales Phone Call From:***** or  "Suppot Phone Call From:*****"

  • Hi Roque Leo Medalla

    There is a way to do this but the method is not really recommended.

    However, if your IVR routes to a Group, you can see the IVR that the caller has selected in the Phone call modal before the call is answered.

    You can also see that if the ticket is assigned to the Group from the IVR, then you know the customer selected Option 1 or 2 as the ticket will be assigned to the matching Group etc.

    For this reason it's always good to set a default route as well. (if that link doesn't work - the annoying Zendesk privacy/cookie pop up sometimes breaks highlight links - click here and scroll down to point 10).


    If the IVR route is: 'Press 1 for Accounts' or 'Press 2 for Finance' then the ticket will be assigned to the agent in the selected IVR Group when they answer the call. By looking at the Group in the ticket, you can see what IVR option they selected.

    If you'd like to know how to have a ticket subject reflect the selected IVR Option (assigned Group), let me know.

    The ticket will be created with a Subject something like: "Accounts Phone Call From - Sue Brand" or "Finance Voicemail From - Sue Brand"

  • Jake Livsey

    Lately, my group has been getting Talk tickets from unknown outside numbers. I don't believe we've undergone the full setup to receive Talk tickets. It's plausible that these are just wrong numbers accidentally leaving messages for us (we've received 2 in the span of about 4-5 months). But is there a way to disable this feature, or ensure that a number doesn't even exist for this to be possible in the first place?

  • Jason Schaeffer
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Jake,
    If you are receiving Talk tickets, you do have a live number in your account. You can delete this number whenever you would like by following the below steps:

    To delete a line
    1. In Admin Center, click the Channels icon () in the sidebar, then select Talk and email > Talk.
    2. Select the Lines tab.
    3. Next to the line you want to delete, click the menu icon, then select Delete.
    • Click Ok to confirm that you want to delete the line.

      I hope that helps!
  • Noelle Cheng

    Is there an update to setting this up? I can't do the trigger based on call details "Calls to" as it looks like you guys have made updates to the system since. Also looks like Mackenzie Tyler linked an article to Can I route Talk tickets based on the received number? but this link no longer works.

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Noelle,

    I will forward a request to our documentation team to migrate this article. For now, you can refer to the content of the article I'm sharing below:

    Can I route Talk tickets based on the received at number using triggers and automations?



    Is it possible to use triggers and automations to route Talk tickets based on the Talk number in which the call was received like you can with emails?


    You can identify which Talk line was used to make a call with the Comment text condition in triggers.


    When a Talk ticket is created, the ticket description includes a "Call To: +1 (800) 867-5309" string. Use this information in the Comment text condition to identify and route Talk tickets.


    Using the Comment text condition for each phone number you can create a trigger that will run when a ticket is created and the "Call To" string is present for that number.


    See below an example of a trigger to route voicemails after they have created tickets.

    1. Create a new trigger.
    2. Under Meet ALL of the following conditions, add:
      • Ticket | Is | Created
      • Channel | Is | Voicemail
      • Comment text | Contains the following string |Call to: +1 (408) 849-4271
    3. Under Actions, use the Group action to route the ticket to the desired group.
    4. Select Create.
  • Dana Barr


    I am wondering if anyone has come across this and what the workaround is. We are a B2B and many of our clients display the main number of the business and many of our callers do not have a direct line. So how do you accommodate assigning a phone number for 2+end users when a client calls in? I have read and tested a shared number can only be used for 2 end users and indeed you can only assign it to 2 people.  


    Does anyone have a workaround? Is there a roadmap to have a shared TN assigned to more than 2 people? Can you provide a rationale behind only being able to share a number with 2 people?

    Please advise.



  • Gab
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Dana, 
    You are correct. Shared numbers can only be used for two end users. I'm afraid this is a limitation to the current architecture of the system. 
    I encourage you to create a new post in the General Product Feedback topic in our community to engage with other users who have similar needs and discuss possible workarounds. 
  • エクレクト管理用

    when receiving incoming calls via Zendesk Talk and entering a side conversation, the screen switches and the content is deleted.

    If there are any workaround or solutions, please provide guidance.


  • Gab
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi 直樹 石本,
    I've created a ticket on your behalf and will reach out to further check on this. 

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