Configuring agent statuses (EAP)

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  • Deniz Suat Oskaner

    Could we report times in creating status? For example I need to know which agent how mant time spent in these status?

  • Holly

    Any updates to when this will be released to general ZD users? 

  • Sandbox Daniel

    Also interested in the ability to export report on time in the various status.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Daniel,

    I can confirm that this is something our Explore team is looking into so stay tuned! I'd recommend following our Announcements page if you haven't done so already for any updates we have to share including new releases :) Zendesk Announcements 
  • Alon

    As I see, there are now three separate possible status conditions, so I can presume it would be easy to create accidental logic loops and overwrites in business rules. Do you have some best practices to share when it comes to setting up business rules, and which of the three status conditions should be used and when? 

  • Felipe de Castro Jordão•

    Are there any plans for the chat feature to be included in this beta test?


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