Enabling customer callback (Talk Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Johann Loibl

    Hey guys, great new feature indeed! What happens to the callback call when no agent is online for some time, or if it exceeds hours of operations? Would the 60 mins rule still apply?

  • Arek Gembara

    I have a big problem with this feature - after pressing 2 during the Callback greting, end-user is hearing automatic messages in English:


    • Press 1 to request a callback on the number they've called in from
    • Press 2 to request a callback to a different number. The alternative number must be in E.164 format, i.e. [+ or 00][country code][subscriber number including area code]. If it's not in the correct format, the customer will be prompted to enter again.
    • Press 3 to return to the queue on hold"

    Is there no option to record this message in my country language (which is Polish), instead of playing back this automatic message in English??

  • Atul Verma

    @Arek Gembara : You need to manually create your own greetings (hire someone for voice over with the menu's which you want) in MP3 or wave format under 10 MB size and then upload it, then you can set it as per your choice. You can make your own IVR ( Depends upon your Zendesk subscription).


    Thank and regards

    Atul Verma

  • Ian Smith

    I assume the group routing hierarchy for inbound calls will remain the same for outbound call backs? That is, if there are two available agents in will go to the agent in the primary group first? 

  • Byron Chen

    What does "actioned" mean here: "If your maximum queue wait time limit is reached, and a callback request is in queue, the callback will still be actioned."

    What happens if no agent is available when the maximum wait time is reached?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey, Byron - 

    Since no one from the community has jumped in at this point, I've asked one of our Customer Advocates to join the conversation. Someone should be along shortly to help out!


  • Patrick Bosmans

    Hey Byron,


    My name is Patrick and I wanted to see if I could help answer this for you.

    Let's assume the following situation.

    You have 2 agents currently on calls and two customers, Jack and Jill, waiting in queue.  The maximum wait time has been reached and Jack selects option for a callback.  You now have 2 calls currently and 1 callback which will ring through if one of those agents becomes available before the 60 minute limit.  If Jill also selects the callback option, her callback is actioned, ordered behind Jack's, and will ring to an available agent as long as the 60 minute queue limit is not reached.  Best way to think about it is like the callback is holding your place in line, so even if another customer calls in, you would still have a chance to be connected first.

    If no agent becomes available within that time frame, then a ticket will get created and show up in the unassigned queue to be processed at a later time.

  • Byron Chen

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for responding! I understand the callback functionality but I'm still confused by:

    "If your maximum queue wait time limit is reached, and a callback request is in queue, the callback will still be actioned. If it's not actioned within 60 minutes of it being requested, it will be removed from the queue and a Zendesk Support ticket is created for the agent to action later."

    The scenario talked about is assuming that the maximum queue wait time limit is reached while a call back is holding someone's place in line. Reading the first line, my guess is that "actioned" refers to the callback being "turned into" a support ticket for follow up later. What's confusing me is the next sentence, "If it's not actioned within 60 minutes..."  then a ticket is created. So i'm confused what actioned means.


  • Patrick Bosmans

    Hi Byron,

    If an agent becomes available before the 60 minute time limit, the callback will be "actioned" and it will ring through to the agent and attempt a reconnect to the customer.

    If an agent does not become available, it will not be "actioned" and will get dropped from the active queue, and a Support ticket will be created.

    I hope this clarifies things a bit.

  • Byron Chen

    Hi Patrick,

    In that case, I think there is a typo or i'm misunderstanding what the queue wait time is: "If your maximum queue wait time limit is reached, and a callback request is in queue, the callback will still be actioned." If the max queue wait time is reached, doesn't that necessarily mean that no agent has become available? In that case, what does "actioned" mean when there is no agent available?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to clarify!

  • Patrick Bosmans

    Hey Byron,

    I can see how this statement is a little confusing.  

    This is referring to the Agent experience and how it affects the callback.  

    If the call rings through to the agent, and the maximum time limit for wait to answer is reached, it is put back in queue to route to the next agent.  If there is a callback request in the queue, behind the current call that was just put back into the queue, it will still be actioned.  As is, once the call has been picked up, the callback will be sent to the next available agent as long as the 60 minute wait time has not been reached.

  • Byron Chen

    Great, thanks for the clarification Patrick!

  • Rachel Haworth

    Not sure if there is a better place for this feedback, as the ZD forums specifically point to Support or Chat. So let me know if I should post this elsewhere. 

    We've been using talk for a while now and only have a specific team taking callback requests or inbound calls in general. 

    The main complaint we've heard from agents is that there isn't much notification when they're getting a callback request (and it also isn't documented in this article).  The callback request notification happens in 2 ways: 

    1 - A ring in your headset. (A problem if the agent has had to step away for a moment to talk to a teammate.) 

    2 - A notification in the ZD home screen in the top right-hand corner. (Kind of small, and can be missed if the agent is using outside resources)

    Sometimes these agents are caught by surprise or can be missed entirely. 


    Complaints from our QA is that on these tickets, there's nothing indicating that this was a callback request.  The problem with this is that if an agent has a really off greeting and doesn't mention the fact that the user has requested the call in the first place, they could be marked down for not using the proper greeting. 


    As a suggestion to resolve both of these issues - 

    For the notifications, something that may help is adding Chrome notifications (similar to ZD Chat's notifications), and possibly creating a pop up that blocks most of the page, so you're forced to look at it. We have something similar in our QA software for when MGMT announces something, see here: https://cl.ly/1e292d2q3g41 

    For the notation of a callback request, there are quite a few places that could be reasonable to notate the callback. 

    My suggestions are: 

    - Automatically adding a "Callback Req" tag to each ticket created. 

    - The part of the ticket containing the call recording could contain an extra line under "Call details."

    - Change the Internal note box to say "Inbound Callback" or something along those lines

    - Change the Subject line of the cases created to say "Callback Request from: 555...". 

    Here's a screenshot pointing out the places mentioned: https://cl.ly/1F2m362m1i1q


    Thanks for your time and thank the prod/dev team for their work! 

    Keep those improvements coming! 

  • Ashley Huebert

    One of the problems I am seeing with the callback feature is that it is refusing to use our outbound number that we have and is using the inbound number. I don't know how to correct this and support doesn't seem to either.

  • Hervin Centeno

    Hi Ashley,

    I'm sorry to hear about this persistent issue you're having in regard to the Callback feature. So we can make sure we can come to a full resolution here, I'd like to pull this issue into a ticket.

    You'll be hearing from me shortly!

  • Joe Beaudoin

    Hey Ronald!

    Thanks for your question.

    Callback must first be enabled in your Talk settings for the feature to work.

    Navigate to Admin > channels > talk > numbers > choose the number in question > callback > enable the feature by clicking the toggle to blue.

    Once you've done this, when agents are available and online, your caller will hear the default greetings (barring the attribution of a custom greeting) prompting them that routing is about to take place, but that they can alternately choose from features you have enabled. Among these alternate options is the callback feature, where the caller hears a greeting that informs them to press 2 to request a callback.

    Give that a shot and let us know how that goes!

  • John Cox

    This feature does not work if you have IVR enabled...

    Even if you create your own callback greeting there is no Action item in the Edit route Action for callback.

    Here is a typical customer journey…

    Customer rings through to IVR and wants to speak to someone in Sales so presses 2. The customer joins the queue for sales. If there are no agents available for that group or the queue time hits 60 seconds group then it should give the customer the option of a callback. 

    What has been suggested here is to give the option of callback at the IVR before the customer even gets to one of the queues which may or may not have agents available. Makes zero sense even if you could make it work.

  • Stuart

    @ John Cox

    Once the customer enters into a queue, they can press 2 anytime and it will start the callback flow. If you have the IVR set up, you can approach it in a couple ways. 

    1. The group greeting can include a message which makes the customer aware they can press 2 at any time to get a call back

    2. Record a customer wait greeting that has background music and a voice over advising the member they can press 2 anytime for a call back. 

    The flaw i find with the callback is you cannot change the recording that plays once someone presses 2 and starts the callback flow. You get a robotic voice that sounds horrible. 

    Hope this helps

  • Bryce Radick

    I'm confused why Johann Loibl's request wasn't answered? That's the info I need and it's nowhere on the page :(

  • Stuart

    @Byrce Radick

    to answer Johann Loibl's question, if there are no agents online or outside business ours, a new callback request ticket is created instantly. 


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